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The Archery Range produces standard archers for Gondor and Arnor. It is where you can research the Fire Arrows upgrade and levels up similarly to the Barracks.

Upgrades Edit

Gondor upgrade Upgrade Building to Level 2 - Increases training speed by 20%, gives +1500 HP; grants level 2 (cost: 400)

Gondor upgrade Upgrade Building to Level 3 - Increases training speed by 30%, gives +1500 HP; grants level 3 (cost: 600)

Function Edit

Unit Production Edit

This structure produces the following units:

Gondor Edit

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Gondor Archers Archers 300 90 At range Y

Arnor Edit

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Arnor Archers Archers 300 90 At range Y

Upgrades Edit

The Archery Range contains the following research which can then be bought by archer battalions:

Fire arrows upgrade Fire Arrows - This increases arrow damage against everything, especially buildings.

  • Cost: 800
  • Requires Level 3

Level Up Edit

This building is leveled up each time one of its upgrades is purchased.

Strategy Edit

The Archery Range is the building where you recruit Gondor and Arnor's basic archers and research the Fire Arrows upgrade. Needing the building to research Fire Arrows means that even if you don't want to use regular archers, and you are planning on using Ithilien Rangers or Dunedain Rangers, you need the Archery Range to upgrade them to their full potential.

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