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The Armory allows Isengard's Uruk-hai to be equipped with valuable upgrades to their weapons and armor, making them even more fearsome warriors.

Level Up Upgrades Edit

No Upgrades
This building has no upgrades. This means that this building can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.

Function Edit

The Armory researches the following upgrades:

Banner carrier isengard Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2.  At level 2 the battalion can regenerate fallen units. (cost: 400)

Heavy armor isengard Heavy Armor - Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit (cost: 600)

Forged blades isengard Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion against:

  • Other infantry if they are swordsmen
  • Monsters and Cavalry if they are pikemen
  • Buildings if they are cavalry (cost: 600)

Steel bolts upgrade Steel Bolts - Increases the damage done by the arrows of the battalion and ignores the heavy armor upgrade. (cost: 800)

Uruk captain upgrade Uruk Captain - This upgrade can only be purchased once the battalion has reached level 2. This gives the battalion fear resistance and increased stats, including an automatic level-up to level 5. (cost: 800)

Strategy Edit