"Here lies Balin, Son of Fundin, Lord of Moria."

Recruit Thorin's wisest companion and the brother of Dwalin. He tried to reclaim Moria and was named its Lord before getting killed there alongside Ori and Óin.

Abilities Edit

Balin rune shield abilityLevel 1: Rune Shield: An allied dwarven hero from Ered Luin is protected by a rune shield that grants the hero +25% armor and +25% speed as long as the rune is in effect. Attacks against protected heroes weaken and destroy the rune shield. Left click the target dwarven hero.

Balin veteran generosity abilityLevel 3: Generosity of the Veteran: Nearby allied heroes are inspired by Balin's courage, making them inflict +25% attack damage and gain +25% experience for 10 seconds as long as Balin is in battle. (Passive ability)

Balin dori nori ori abilityLevel 5: Dori, Nori and Ori: Balin orders the three brothers to protect an allied hero of Ered Luin for a short time. Left click on icon then left click on any hero (except Bard).

Balin heroic blow abilityLevel 7: Heroic Blow: Balin inflicts heavy damage to an enemy. Nearby enemies flee and nearby allied heroes gain twice as much from the effect of Generosity of the Veteran. Left click on the designated enemy unit.

Upgrades Edit

Balin can be given the following upgrade:

Mithril upgrade Veterans Required: Mithril Coat - Requires some veterans to be sent into a Dwarven Forge. Dwarven heroes will then have the ability to purchase the Mithril Mail upgrade for 500 resources. The Mithril Mail gives Dwarven heroes extreme resistance to all damage.

Strategy Edit

Balin is one of the main reasons why Ered Luin is classed as one of the strongest factions in the mod. With good use of his abilities, other heroes (like Thorin who is already powerful) can become even more powerful. They would be harder to kill, would deal more damage, and can reach their late game powers much faster. Balin's level 7 ability is also a good hero killing move, making it even harder for enemy factions to counter the devastating heroes of Ered Luin.

Nori, Dori, Ori Edit

The brothers come at Balin's call to aid one of their companions from the Blue Mountains. The three brothers will fight alongside the chosen hero for a short amount of time. They are all summoned at level 1 and cannot be commanded; they will simply fight any nearby enemies.

  • Nori: 1000 health, 188 melee damage
  • Dori: 1500 health, 188 melee damage
  • Ori: 1000 health, 63 ranged damage

Strategy Edit

Quotes Edit

"Balin, at your service!"

"You have to be standing at the exactly right spot at the exactly right time."

"The Arkenstone is the birthright of our people"