The Battle Tower is the only purely defensive structure available on normal build plots. Its arrows can be upgraded, and archers can enter it and shoot out from its windows.

The Battle Tower can be built by all factions except Lothlorien, which has archers in their castle/camp buildings by default.

For more information about defensive capabilities besides the Battle Tower, see Defensive Build Plots.

Function Edit

The Battle Tower serves to attack nearby enemies. It can also be garrisoned with archers to increase its effectiveness.

Upgrades Edit

These upgrades significantly increase the Battle Tower's arrow/axe damage.

Gondor/Arnor Edit

Fire arrows Fire Arrows

  • Cost: 300
  • Requires Fire Arrows upgrade from level 3 Archery Range

Rohan Edit

Fire arrows Fire Arrows

  • Cost: 300
  • Requires Fire Arrows upgrade from Archery Range with Arsenal researched

Erebor / Iron Hills / Ered Luin Edit

Forged blades dwarves Forged Blades

Imladris Edit

Golden Eregion Arrows Gold Tip Arrows

  • Cost: 300
  • Requires Gold Tip Arrows upgrade from level 3 Eregion Forge

Isengard Edit

Steel bolts upgrade Steel Bolts

  • Cost: 300
  • Requires Steel Bolts upgrade from Armory

Mordor Edit

Influence of sauron Influence of Sauron

  • Cost: N/A
  • Requires level 3 Sauron to influence one Battle Tower; Fire Arrows will then automatically be applied to all Battle Towers

Angmar Edit

Frozen arrows Ice Arrows

Summonable Battle Towers Edit

Summonable Battle Towers can be used through the spellbook. However, these towers cannot receive upgrades.

Gondor/Arnor Edit

Tower gondor spellbook Lone Tower (3pp)

Dwarves Edit

Tower dwarven spellbook Lone Tower (3pp)

Strategy Edit

As a defensive structure, the Battle Tower is best placed close to the entrance of your base (factions with walls). On the build plot on the other side of the entrance, it is suggested that you build a unit-boosting structure such as a Well or Heroic Statue to aid your troops as they fight to defend the more important buildings within. With this combination, the enemy will be hard-pressed to gain ground (especially if you upgrade the Battle Tower with its arrow damage and/or garrison it with archers). It can also be useful to give extra protection to normal outpost expansions.

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