"He has an evil name in Bree-land and queer folk call at his house...he would sell anything to anybody; or make mischief for amusement""

Bill Ferny is the filthy spy from Bree who serves Isengard for money. He is one of the two rogues of Isengard's heroes, meant for espionage, scouting, and vandalism, rather than for combat. As this implies, he isn't really good at combat, but he has some good abilities that can really help the faction in the early game, that he will earn if you pay him gold, eventually taking matters into his own hands and becoming a good fighter for a short period of time.

Abilities Edit

Level 1: BribingBill Ferny bribes the workers of an enemy resource building, which causes them to spy for him and reveal the nearby area for 90 seconds. They will also give a small amount of resources to Bill Ferny. Left click on an enemy resource building. 

Level 1: DisguiseBill disguises himself as the chosen unit so he may spy on the enemy. Bill can be revealed through enemies' reveal abilities, if he attacks, or if he uses abilities. Left click on desired units.

Saboteur Service: Disinformation (Costs 100) Bill sends false information to an enemy hero or building. The hero or building loses its vision for 30 seconds. Left click on target hero or building.

Information Service: Snitch (Costs 200)The spy of Isengard has his snitches everywhere and therefore knows many of his foe's secrets. For a short amount of time, the closest enemy hero will be revealed. Left click to activate. 

Head Money: Cutpurse (Costs 300)Bill Ferny is a trained thief and pickpocket. For a short time, Bill Ferny deals +35% damage, has +50% armor, +20% movement speed and steals 40 resources with every hit on a hero or unit. Left click to activate.

Upgrades Edit

Bill Ferny can purchase 3 upgrades which each increase his level by 3 and unlocks a new level. These are the upgrades you can research:

  • Saboteur Services (100): Unlock the Disinformation ability.
  • Information Service (200): Unlocks the Snitch ability.
  • Head Money (300): Unlocks the Cutpurse ability.

Strategy Edit

While Bill Ferny may appear to be a pathetic excuse of a hero, his usefulness increases as you continue to pay him. It costs a total of 600 resources to upgrade Bill to level 10, making him an ample choice of an investment if you have the money to blow. Besides having a great line of sight, Bill is primarily an economically-themed hero who serves to spy on the enemy like Grima Wormtongue, but his powers give you free resources.

Like any Rogue unit however, Bill Ferny is terrible at combat. Even if he is much tougher than battalion soldiers, he has relatively low hitpoints and armor and is poorly equipped for direct combat. Keep Bill away from the front lines, and instead, work with him behind the enemy lines to disrupt their knavish tricks and earn some profit along the way.

Trivia Edit

There is a hilarious fact about Bill Ferny which is he can disguise himself as anything: For eg. when Eärendil's boat Vingilot is summoned by Lothlorien, he can even disguise himself as that!

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