"Men are not as weak as he supposed; there is courage still, strength enough perhaps to challenge him. Sauron fears this. He will not risk the peoples of Middle-Earth uniting under one banner."

The race of Men is the latter of the two races created by Illuvatar. They have the Gift of Men (morality). By the Third Age, men were the most common race in Middle Earth and would go on to outlive the elves and dwarves. The Numenoreans were those men that fought for the elves in First Age and were rewarded with the island of Numenor. These men split into the Faithful (those who were loyal to the Valar and founded Gondor and Arnor ) and the King's Men (those who followed Sauron and went on to rule Harad and Umbar). The Easterlings came from Rhun and had a fierce hatred of Gondor, leading to countless wars. The Northmen lived in Rhovanion and were mostly friendly with Gondor. They include the men of Dale and Laketown , as well as the Rohirrim who later moved south after helping Gondor in its wars. Finally, there are the Dunlendings and Druedain . The race of Men played a massive role in the War of the Ring, either as Free Peoples or as servants of Sauron and Saruman .

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