"As they came to the gates Círdan the Shipwright came forth to greet them. Very tall he was, and his beard was long, and he was grey and old, save that his eyes were keen as stars; and he looked at them and bowed, and said: 'All is ready.'"
The Return of the King

Recruit Círdan, the Lord of the Grey Havens. When all other elves were summoned to Valinor he stayed behind until the last ship left. He can be recruited to fight for both Arnor and Imladris, maintaining the same abilities in both factions. As always, he is found in the Lindon Watchtower settlement expansion.

Abilities Edit

Cirdan narya abilityLevel 1: The Ring Narya - The Ring Narya sparks a fire in the hearts of the Elves. Nearby allied units gain +25% attack damage. Activation of the Ring: For 30 seconds allied units near Círdan gain +50% armor and attack; however, for the duration of the recharge time, Leadership bonuses are deactivated.

Cirdan havens lord abilityLevel 3: Lord of the Havens - As Círdan's knowledge and power wax, the Lindon Watchtower upgrades.

  • Círdan Level 3: +10% faster build speed and +20% hit-points
  • Círdan Level 7: +15% faster build speed and +25% hit-points
  • Círdan Level 10: +25% faster build speed, +40% hit-points and 20% sight. In addition, the Lindon Watchtower receives the ability Palantír Elostirion, which can be used to temporarily reveal an area of the map.

Cirdan healing aura abilityLevel 5: Healing Aura - For 10 seconds allied units and heroes near Círdan are slowly healed.

Cirdan into the west abilityLevel 7: Into the West - Círdan sends all those who are wounded to fight on in the West. For 30 seconds enemies near Círdan gain neither experience nor resources from slain units.

Cirdan omniscience abilityLevel 10: Omniscience - As a mariner and navigator, Círdan is able to read the stars. For a short time the entire map is revealed.

UPCOMING 4.5 Re-Worked Abilities Edit

In patch 4.5 his abilities will be changed, tying the in-game hero closer to the lore of Tolkien's character as a shipwright of talent and an elf of great knowledge.

Level 1: Narya's Inspiration -  Cirdan uses his Ring to kindle fiery courage in the heart of his allies. Units around Cirdan gain +25% armor. When the ability is activated the bonus will be increased to +50% armor and damage. However, once the duration of the ability expires the passive leadrship will be disabled until the ability is fully recharged.

Level 3: Lord of the Havens- The Lindon Tower gains more power as Cirdan gains knowledge. (Passive ability).

  • Cirdan Level 3: The Tower gains double vision range
  • Cirdan Level 7: The Tower gains double health
  • Cirdan Level 10: The Tower will instantly train units

Level 5: Master Craftsman - Using his knowledge as a shipwright Cirdan will repair the target building, ship or siege engine and allow it to deal double damage for 30 seconds.

Level 7: Into the West - All units in the target area units travel to instantly to Cirdan.

Level 10: Ulmo's Aid - With the help of Ulmo, Cirdan strengthens all allied ships, buildings and siege engines on the map granting them +50% armor for 30 seconds.

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Trivia Edit

  • Cirdan's quotes come from the character Marcus Aurelius, as portrayed by the actor Richard Harris in "Gladiator" and Albus Dumbledore, that Richard Harris portrays in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" movie. It is possible that he also has quotes from Commodus, Joaguin Phoenix, from the same movie as Marcus Aurelius.