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Overview Edit

We propose at the beginning of the game a Dowinion player selects from two sub-factions, in a similar manner to the Dwarfs; they either pick the Vinyard Court or the Cult of the Shadow. This is because, assuming the other mystery fraction is an Evil Men fraction, we will have 5 evil and 5 good factions; and hence we believe Dorwinion should be gray.

The theme of Dorwinion is an architecture style based on Ancient Greece and this applies to their units as well. We chose this as the two things we know about the nation are that they border an inland sea, and are famous for wine; two traits shared with Greece, and hence we felt a greek inspiration was appropriate. The nation has never really fought in or started a conflict and hence they are a mercantile nation that is highly cultured; with the advent of Rhun however it looks increasingly likely that Rhun will invade and annex the Land of Wine and hence Dorwinion enters into a civil war. One fraction, the Cult of the Shadow, believes standing against Rhun will result in Dorwinion's destruction; and there is little they can do to stop Rhun, and by extent Sauron, and hence they align themselves with Sauron. The Vinyard Court however believes that by allying with the Avari Elves and the Orcani Dwarfs, Dorwinion can stand against the Shadow and make a difference.

This civil war has also affected the Blue Wizards with Alatar siding with the Cult and Pallando with the Court. We believe by splitting up the Wizards it allows us to have two powerful heroes in the same faction, if they were both available for recruitment at once they could not be as powerful, in addition it allows us to position the ‘Cults’ as evil, keeping with the themes of Middle-Earth.

To upgrade their buildings Dorwinion uses a spell, thus making their upgrade system unique. The Court is defensive with a focus on cavalry, as they are intended to rely on infantry and structures for defense while harassing the enemy with cavalry, while the cult is aggressive and a focus on infantry. The Academy units differ depending on the side chosen; the Court’s academy units are half of the size of the Cults but 25% more powerful; in addition they start with an ability, however the court's units are slightly more expensive and take longer to produce.


Lore Edit

A Short History of Dorwinion Edit

Dorwinion was one of the great curiosities of Middle-Earth, as not only was it a melting pot of cultures and races, it was also a highly cultured nation that took no part in most conflicts. The fact it was a ‘melting pot’ can be attributed to its location, west of Dorwinion lay Dale, Mirkwood and Erebor; north lay the Iron Hills; the south was dominated by Mordor and to the east lay the mysterious realms of Rhun, the Avari Elves and the Orcani Dwarfs. Dorwinion was ruled by an Empress, although rarely a male held the title, and a King who commanded the military, and like the Empress it was not unheard of for a woman to ascend to the position and thus be called King. The Avari Elves of Rhun forest, while serving the Empress, had their own rulers; the Avari Council, a democratically elected body, led by a High Chancellor. The story behind this unusual ruling system began in the First Age.

When the Edain woke to creation they began a great journey to the West, but before they crossed the Blue Mountains they met the Avari in their cities in the treetops and under the earth, around the contemporary Forest of Rhun, which at the time was far larger and stretched to the Red Mountains, although it would be greatly reduced over millennium by the logging of the Dwarfs and Rhun. The Dark Elves, those who paid little attention to the Valar, taught the Edain music, language and architecture, the foundation stones of civilization. When the Edain departed however, some did not wish to depart. To them their friendships with their mentors, the Avari, was far stronger than the allure of the West and the call of the Valar. The Avari elves, freed from the views and knowledge of the Valar were more open to romantic relationships with the Edain, and some even had children with them. When the first of these children came before Námo in the Halls of Mandos, killed in a duel with her best friend, he was surprised to see the half elf because he never imagined the Avari would conceive children with humans. After taking council with his fellow Valar, who advised a different solution to these wild elves than those who had sought the Valar out, he sent the half-elf back to Middle-Earth with a message. Any Avari that had a child with a human was both blessed and cursed, blessed for their partner and child would have a far longer lifespan than usual, although if the child bred with a human their child would have a shorter lifespan as the elven blood diluted; they were also cursed, for the act of conception would rob them of their immortality leaving them to die a natural death with their partner, and the elf would never come to the Halls of Mandos, instead following their partner to the fate of the Edain, and this also applied to the child. At the message, most Avari never loved a human romantically again, not willing to sacrifice their immortality to live their life with the mortal, but despite the curse there was still a far greater number of human-elven pairs than any other region of Middle-Earth. The half-elf who was sent with the message was 400 years old and lived for another 300 years, as the first Empress of Dorwinion for her mother was the original ruler of the Avari Elves, and therefore the whole region. When her mother followed her human husband to the grave, the Avari Elves made the decision that while the royal line could continue to rule over Dorwinion as a whole, they would be ruled over by a Council led by the newly elected High Chancellor, Lenwë, as they were unwilling to trust in a ruler who could die while they would endure. The First Empress departed the Great Forest and founded a new kingdom in the hills and mountains to the west, it became known as Dorwinion as it drew the humans who abandoned the Great Journey, the first city to be founded was the capital of Caras Sant. 

For the rest of the First and most of the Second Age Dorwinion remained neutral to the conflicts surrounding it, its people having never pledged to the Valar, and traded with the warring nations instead, one of its finest exports being wine. While they had a standing military to deal with bandits and the like, due to their peace they became highly cultured. This changed at the end of the Second Age when Sauron burnt the gardens of the Ent-Wives, the home of most of Dorwinion’s few friends in Middle-Earth. Thus, they sent Elves and Men to fight in the Last Alliance, in vengeance for the Ent-Wives’ wounds. The Empress of the time was faced with a plight during this time, as she could not both command the armies in far off Mordor and rule of realms, and so taking inspiration from the other realms, she created the office of King to command the forces and gave it to her daughter, one of the few females to hold the title, and the title of King became one held traditionally by a family member of the Empress, although there were exceptions.  

The peace they won, through that war, lasted until the end of the Third Age at which point Dorwinion seemed to be reaching ever new heights guided by the Blue Wizards, Alatar and Pallando, as traditional gender roles broke down in the human nobility, a conservative class of Dorwinion, these same roles persisted in the human peasants and middle class however. Disaster then struck, for as Rhun prepared to march on Dorwinion in the year before the War of the Ring, it erupted into civil war as two factions emerged. The Vinyard Court, named after the palace in the capital of Caras Sant, led by the Empress and Pallando sought to stand with the Avari Elves and Orcani Dwarfs against Rhun and Sauron; while the Cult of the Shadow led by the fallen Alatar, Bladorthin II and the Black Númenórean Beruthiel moved to ally with Rhun and Sauron; they claimed any resistance against Rhun would lead to a massacre to gain the alliance of many conservative nobles and the human peasant class. 

Buildings Edit

Name/Shortcut Buildable At Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Citadel Castle, Camp 7000/6000 The citadel is the central building of a fortress or a camp. Heroes can be recruited here. In a fortress the citadel has 7000 lifepoints, in camps 6000. N/A
Villa Castle, Camp, Outpost 400 2500 The villa is a economy building. Reduces the cost of elite infantry

2 villas: -10%

3 villas: -15%,

4 villas: -20%

5 villas: -25%

6 villas: -30%

Tooler Castle, Camp, Outpost 400 2500 The tooler is an economy building and additionally you can research forged blades at level 3. reduces the cost of upgrades:

2 toolers: -10%

3 toolers: -15%

4 toolers: -20%

5 toolers: -25%

6 toolers: -30%

Infantry Academy Castle, Camp, Outpost 300 3500 Trains Hoplites and Long Blades, contains the Banner Carrier upgrade N/A
Specialist Academy Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 3500 Trains Companion Cavalry and Archers and contains Flaming Arrows and Pure Bloodlines upgrades N/A
Engineering Academy Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 3500 Allows the construction of Engineers and the research of Improved Engineering, Battle Tower Fire Arrows and Heavy Armour upgrades N/A
Heroic Statue Castle, Camps, Outposts 200 1000 The hero statue grants leadership to nearby allied units. Reduces the cost of heroes:

2 statue: -10%

3 statues: -20%

4 statues: -30%

Plaza Castle, Camp, Outpost 500 1500 The plaza heals nearby allied units if there are no enemies in the closer vicinity. N/A
Vinyard Court (Court only) Castle, Camp 1000 5000 Trains Vinyard Paladins and Vinyard Guard, as well as researching the Avari Armour and the Vine Clad Walls upgrades, in addition it also shoots arrows at the enemy, these can be upgraded with Battle Tower Fire Arrows N/A
Cult Enclave (Cult only) Castle, Camp 1000 5000 Trains Druids and Cultists; researches the Bewitched Blades, Bewitched Arrows and Bewitched Walls upgrades in addition it also shoots arrows at the enemy, these can be upgraded with Battle Tower Fire Arrows N/A
Battle Tower Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 4000 The battle tower serves as a defence against enemy troops and additionally may be garrisoned with archers. May be upgraded with the flaming arrows upgrade.
Dorwinion Tower
Watchtower Castle, Camp 200 1500 The watchtower may be built at 4 plots in a camp and serves as a defence against enemy archers.
Dorwinion Tower
Wine Fountain Castle 500 6000 A wine fountain can be constructed on the walls to heal units. N/A
Battle Tower (Walls) Castle 500 6000 Defensive structure that shoots arrows at nearby enemies
Dorwinion Tower
Mirror of the Valar (Court) Castle 1000 6000 Acts as long range heavy tower by redirecting and enhancing sun rays towards the enemies. It reflects the light of the Valar to damage the Shadow.
Mirror of the Valar
Cultist tower (Cult) Castle 700 1500 Catapult tower, with Cultist unit instead of catapult. Cultist can be killed and must be paid for to be replaced. Shoots large fireballs at the enemies. N/A
Heroic Statue Camp, Castle 300 4000 The hero statue grants leadership to nearby allied units and can be built on special plots either side of the gate on castle maps or instead of a watchtower on camp maps. N/A
Postern Gate Castle 300 600 Secret gate which allows your troops to come and go but is impassable to enemies N/A

Units Edit

Name Type Where to Recruit/Requires Cost


CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Long Blades Swordsmen Infantry Academy 300/200 60 Pikemen
Hoplite Pikemen Infantry Academy Level 2 400/300 60 Cavalry, Archers
Companion Cavalry Cavalry Specialist Academy 600/500 120 Archers, Swordsmen
Long-Bows Archers Specialist Academy Level 2 400/300 90 At Range
Engineers Other Engineering Academy 100 40 N/A
Onager Siege Engineer 600 40 At Range
Siege Tower Siege Engineer 500 30 Walls
Battering Ram Siege Engineer 400 20 Gates
Vinyard Guard Pikemen Vinyard Court 700 90 Cavalry, Pikemen
Vinyard Paladins Heroic Vinyard Court Level 3 1200 120 Cavalry, Archers, Swordsmen
Druids Support Cult Enclave 600 100 N/A
Cultists Heroic Cult Enclave Level 3 1000 130 Depends

Naval Units Edit

Name Cost CP Strong vs. Description Shortcut
Vinyard Transport Ship 100 25 N/A Can transport up to two battalions or heroes into any other location, very weak. If it dies with units the units will also die.
Vinyard Dreadnought 750 50 At Range, VS Ships Basic ships who shoot at any troops nearby, can be upgraded with improved armor and health regeneration.
Vinyard Siege Vessel 3000 100 Structures Mighty Siege ship which deals huge damage. Can take down a building in merely a couple of hits. Can be upgraded with better armor and health regeneration
Vinyard Storm Ship 500 25 Ships Elven ships that cause a destructive storm that kills all the ships nearby

Vinyard Court Heroes Edit

Cáno Edit

Cáno is the Elven Herald who was dispatched to the Vinyard Court to reassure the Empress that she still commanded the might of the Avari Elves.

Sadoc Edit

Sadoc was a loyal warrior to the Empress. When the rebels defected, it was Sadoc who remained staunchly loyal to the Empress. He is a paladin who is interested by the machinery of siege engines and values the lives of his soldiers.

Liw Edit

A captain of the Empress’s bodyguard that was intrusted by such a position by the Empress. Having taken note of Liw’s battle skils, the Empress granted Liw a position as the captain of her bodyguard.

Daeron Edit

Daeron was the Bard of Elwe who was considered a loremaster and greatest minstrel in all of middle earth. He had fallen in love with Luthien and eventually went into the East, singing of his love and loss of her. Dorwinion has been Daeron’s dwelling place for an age and he sings his powerful songs to influence many just as he once did for the king of the wood elves.

Bori Edit

Having watched as a boy the freedom and luxurious life of the many Dorwinion natives, Bori began enamored with the freedom to do what he wanted. Dorwinion offered him great food, shelter, and wealth. Being good with the knife and blade, Bori was a sell sword for Dorwinion and decided to stay with the kingdom as it offered the life that he sought the most.

The Empress Edit

The ruler of the Vinyard Court, the Empress had dedicated her entire being to the nation of Dorwinion, sacrificing even her name, asking even her closest family to just call her by her title. Eventually her name was forgotten and only her title remained.

Pallando Edit

The Blue Wizard was a former best friend of Alatar. Considered by many to be the fourth in the hierarchy of the Istari, Pallando was a servant of Námo that was selected by Alatar to go with him in the battle against Sauron.

Cult of the Shadow Heroes Edit

Melmidoc Edit

From the far east, Melmidoc had been sought after for his particular good infiltrating abilities. Alatar considered him to be a close and loyal ally, adhering to the Blue Wizard’s commands to the letter.

Din Ohtar Edit

Din Ohtar was once a man known as Gulzár who fled to Mordor after his kingdom fell and was given a lesser ring of power by Sauron. Din Ohtar became something similar to a ringwraith and thus became Sauron’s chief spy on the Cult of Shadow and their plots against Dorwinion and accompanied Beruthiel into the east.

Bladorthin II Edit

Bladorthin II was the grandson of the Empress and son of King Bladorthin. After being raised by his grandmother the Empress, he had learned that his father was secretly allying his kingdom with Mordor and was thus killed. Seeing himself more like his father, he demanded kingship and began an uprising. He then sought out the wizard Alatar who promised him Dorwinion if his rebels would serve the cult of shadow. Bladorthin II, vain, greedy, and hungry for power, naturally agreed.

Beruthiel Edit

Being a witch of terrible power, Beruthiel was one of the two Black Númenóreans dispatched by Sauron to far off lands to prepare for the War of the Ring; her task was to turn Dorwinion to the Shadow. Eventually Alatar saw her skill in magic and considered her among his chosen to lead the Cult of Shadow. She found allies in Alatar and Bladorthin II, but there were whispers that once the Vinyard Court lay in ruins she had greater ambitions...

Alatar Edit

Former Chief of Oromë’s people and often considered the Third in the order of the Istari. The greater blue wizard was selected by the Valar for the mission against Sauron. Alatar forsook his mission and began developing magical cults that spoke against the teachings of Eru and the Valar, seeking to set himself up as the Lord of Rhun Forest, the Kingdom of the Avari Elves, under Sauron who would be Lord of the Middle-Earth.

External Buildplots Edit

Buildings Edit

Name/Shortcut Buildable At Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Avari Stronghold (Court) Outpost 1500 7000 Trains Lenwe, Tauriel, Avari Guard and Avari Lancers. Allows the research of Mystic Fountain, Crystal Moat, Blessed Mist, Enchanted Anvil. N/A
Rebel Stronghold (Cult) Outpost 1500 7000 Trains Sacal, Rebel Infantry, Rebel Axemen and Rebel Horsemen. Allows the research of the Rohan fortress upgrades from Edain 3.8.1. N/A
Estate Settlement 200 2500 Generates resources Reduces the cost of Cavalry:

2 Estates: -10%

3 Estates: -15%

4 Estates: -20%

5 Estates: -25%

6 Estates: -30%

Vinyard Settlement 200 2500 Generates Resources Reduces the cost of Dwarfs and Elves/ Rebels:

2 Vinyards: -10%

3 Vinyards: -15%

4 Vinyards: -20%

5 Vinyards: -25%

6 Vinyards: -30%

Orcani Bastion (Court) Settlement 500 3000 Fires arrows at nearby enemies. Trains Bain and Oracani Nobles. N/A
Milita Stockade (Cult) Settlement 500 3000 Fires arrows at nearby enemies. Trains Marroc and Milita. N/A

Units Edit

Name Type Where to Recruit/Requires Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Avari Guard Archers/ Swordsmen Avari Stronghold 700 90 At Range/ Pikemen
Avari Lancers Calvary Avari Stronghold 800 120 Arches, Swordsmen
Rebel Infantry Archers/ Swordsmen Rebel Stronghold 500 90 At Range/ Pikemen
Rebel Axemen Swordsmen Rebel Stronghold 600 100 Buildings
Rebel Horsemen Calvary Rebel Stronghold 700 110 Archers
Oracani Nobles Pikemen/ Archers Orcani Bastion 600 90 Calvary, Swordsmen/

At Range

Milita Pikemen Milita Stockade Free 60 Calvary

Vinyard Court Heroes Edit

Bain Edit

A Dwarf King of the Orocani (or Red Mountains). Having traded with Dorwinion and helped in commissioning spears for their army, Bain was a staunch ally to call upon against the forces of Sauron.

Tauriel Edit

After the traumatic events of the Battle of Five Armies, Tauriel, once a guard of Mirkwood, wandered lost throughout the world eventually reaching the Grey Heavens. Having decided not to depart into the West she was granted the task of becoming the Mirkwood Ambassador to Dorwinion.

Lenwë Edit

A First Age Nando elf that led his people west until he and his people saw the Misty Mountains and felt the travel would be too difficult, he led his people south of the Anduin and then turned back east. Lenwe became the Avari High Chancellor of the Rhun forest and welcomed all allies, including the fleeing Ent-Wives into his borders.

Cult of the Shadow Heroes Edit

Sacal Edit

Sacal was a male warrior who became enamored of Alatar and the Cult of the Shadow. He had been a fighter all his life but eventually came to realize that spirit and flesh were stronger than steel, thus he joined Alatar’s cult and joined with many others who wanted to rule the land of Dorwinion.

Marroc Edit

Rapist, murderer, pillager, and combatant. Marroc was a thug who enjoyed the suffering of others. When Alatar and Beruthiel’s cult of shadow settled over Dorwinion and the East, Marroc joined in an effort to lead rebellions, fight, and take what he wanted.

Spellbook Edit

Transparent box-250x250
Authority of the Royal Line
Transparent box-250x250
Dorwinion Wine
Transparent box-250x250
Flutes of the East
Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 Dorwinion Authority of the Royal Line Transparent box-250x250 Dorwinion Wine Transparent box-250x250 Flutes of the East Transparent box-250x250
Cast on a building to raise its level from 1 to 2. A further two casts are needed to raise a level 2 building to level 3. Heals units, replaces 1 dead man per battalion. Left click on target units The sound of the Flutes of Dorwinion awakens the courage of the troops of the east. +25% attack and fear resistance for allied troops in target area. Left click on target units
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Hills of Dorwinion
Transparent box-250x250
Arrow Volley
Transparent box-250x250
Lone Tower
Transparent box-250x250
Fevered Labour
Hills of Dorwinion Transparent box-250x250 Arrow Volley Transparent box-250x250 Lone Tower Transparent box-250x250 Fevered Labour
Creates hilly terrain where ally units gain + 25% armor. Transparent box-250x250 Rains down a storm of arrows at the target location. Transparent box-250x250 Summons a defensive tower. Left click on target area. Transparent box-250x250 Increases the production of the targeted building by gifting the labourers with some of Dorwinion's finest wine.
Right Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Left Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Light of the Edain
Transparent box-250x250
Supernatural Allies
Transparent box-250x250
March of the Treeherders
Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 Light of the Edain Transparent box-250x250 Supernatural Allies Transparent box-250x250 March of the Treeherders Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 The courage of the Edain illuminates the world in gold light and cancels out the terrors of ice rain, snow flurry and darkness. Temporarily paralyses enemy units. Transparent box-250x250 The Vinyard Court summons several unique Lintip units to harass the enemy and the Shadow Cults summons Mewlips to harass the enemy. Transparent box-250x250 The Vinyard Court summons their Ent-Wives allies along with Treebeard's wife, Fimbrethil; the Cult of the Shadow summons Evil Huorns that have pledged their services to Alatar. Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250
Right Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Both Ways Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Left Pointing
Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250
Allies from Afar
Transparent box-250x250
Glory of the First Age
Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250 Allies from Afar Transparent box-250x250 Glory of the First Age Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250
Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250 The Vinyard Court calls upon their western allies and temporarily summons a force of Mirkwood Elves, Men of Dale, and dwarfs of Erebor led by King Dain, King Brand and Thraundil; the Cult of the Shadow temporarily summons a massive force from Rhun led by the Emperor of Rhun. Transparent box-250x250 Imbues targeted units with the increased strength and immortality of the First Age for a short time. Transparent box-250x250 Transparent box-250x250

Upgrades Edit

Name Cost of Research Cost of Equipping Effect Requirement
Banner Carriers 400 200 Promotes a Level 1 battalion to level two, allowing them to regenerate units. Infantry Academy Level 3
Heavy Armour 600 300 Increases the hitpoints and severely reduces ranged damage. Engineering Academy Level 2
Forged Blades 600 300 Increases damage dealt significantly.

Swordsmen receive additional bonus damage against other infantry.

Pikemen receive additional bonus damage against cavalry and monsters.

Cavalry receive additional bonus damage against structures.

Tooler Level 3
Flaming Arrows 600 400 Greatly enhances the damage caused by arrows Specialist Academy Level 3
Pure Bloodlines 600 300 Grants the cavalry new horses that allow them to move faster and inflict more trample damage. Specialist Academy Level 2
Improved Engineering 1000 500 Increases the amour and damage of siege weapons. Available to all three siege weapons. Engineering Academy Level 3
Battle Tower Fire Arrows 1500 0 Allows watchtowers and wall towers to fire flaming arrows. Engineering Academy Level 3
Avari Amour 800 200 Upgrades units with a second tier of Heavy Amour and tints the heavy amour gold. Vinyard Court Level 2; Heavy Amour on Unit
Vine-Clad Walls 1500 0 Increases the amour of walls and towers and bestows a faster health regeneration. Vinyard Court Level 3
Bewitched Blades 800 200 Increases attack speed and damage of the battalion Cult Enclave Level 2, Forged Blades on Unit
Bewitched Arrows 800 200 Increases attack speed and damage of the battalion Cult Enclave Level 2, Flaming Arrows on Unit
Bewitched Walls 1500 0 Walls and towers cause enemy units to flee in terror Cult Enclave Level 3

Strategy Edit

Strategic Points Edit

Castle Edit

Camp Edit

Outpost Edit

Settlement Edit

Credits Edit

The majority of the ideas and concepts were developed by dkbluewizard and lordoflinks; however due thanks must be given to all the members of the English community who provided ideas or feedback in the Dorwinion Thread on Modding Union (,33944.0.html). Finally a huge thank you is given to the Divide and Conquer submod for Third Age Total War, who provided the inspiration for our own interpretation of Dorwinion.

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