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"In those days no other Men had settled dwellings so far west, or within a hundred leagues of the Shire. But in the wild lands beyond Bree there were mysterious wanderers. The Bree-folk called them Rangers, and knew nothing of their origin. They were taller and darker than the Men of Bree and were believed to have strange powers of sight and hearing, and to understand the languages of beasts and birds."
The Fellowship of the Ring

The Dunedain Swordsmen are a cheap alternative to the stronger Rivendell Swordsmen and come in a larger battalion. They can be recruited from Imladris' Outpost expansion, the Dunedain Outpost, once the Troop Tent has been purchased. They can be trained at a discount once two or more Hobbit Farms have been built on settlements.

Abilities Edit

Sprint Sprint: For 20 seconds, the Dunedain move 30% faster and gain knock-back resistance.

Dunedain stealth 2 Stealth: The Dunedain are invisible as long as they are in the vicinity of trees. (Passive ability)

Upgrades Edit

The Dunedain aren't upgraded like the elves are, and the upgrades researched at the Imladris Forge do not apply to them. To upgrade the Dunedain with Forged Blades, a level 7 Halbarad must be near the battalion.

Rohan forged blades Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion against:

To upgrade the Dunedain with a Banner Carrier, a level 5 Halbarad must be nearby to the battalion.

Lorien banner carrier Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate fallen units.

In addition to promoting the battalion to level 2, the Dunedain Banner Carrier also bestows a Leadership bonus to nearby units:

  • Bonus for Swordsmen: +25% attack
  • Bonus for Weaponsmasters: +25% attack speed
  • Bonus for Pikemen: +25% armor
  • Bonus for Archers: +25% firing speed
  • Bonus for Cavalry: +25% speed

Strategy Edit

The Dunedain Swordsmen come in a battalion of 10 soldiers. Their recruitment cost can be lowered by building Hobbit Farms on settlements. They are not as powerful as Imladris' elven units, so by themselves, they won't last very long in a fight. However, because of their low cost, it is worth it to invest in a Dunedain Outpost to crank them out. To increase their durability, it is essential to recruit Halbarad as well and level him up quickly; once he is level 7, the Dunedain Swordsmen and the other Dunedain units will be able to purchase all of their upgrades. He also offers them a leadership bonus, so it could be a good idea to keep them close to him. The Dunedain Swordsmen can make use of their Sprint ability to enter or leave a battle more quickly. If one does not have a lot of money which is required to buy the expensive elven Imladris units, It would be worth it to invest in the Dunedain units as they are cheaper and more can be recruited due to this. Hence, two battalions of Dunedain Swordsmen will deal more collateral damage than one battalion of Rivendell Swordsmen.

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