"In the darkness of Arda already the Dwarves wrought great works, for even from the first days of their Fathers they had marvellous skill with metals and with stone..."
The Silmarillion

The Dwarven Stonemason is a resource production building for the Dwarves where defense-oriented upgrades can be researched.

Level Up Upgrades Edit

Production increase Production Increase - increases resource production by 33%; grants level 2 (cost: 150).

Pantry Pantry - increases the command point total by 120; grants level 2 (cost: 300).

Defensive measures Defensive Measures - increases the building's hitpoints by 1500; grants level 2 (cost: 150).

Improved production Improved Production - increases resource production by an additional 50%; grants level 3 (cost: 300).

Improved pantry Improved Pantry - increases the command point total by an additional 240; grants level 3 (cost: 600).

Improved defensive measures Improved Defensive Measures - increases the building's hitpoints by an additional 1500 and adds an arrow tower which automatically fires at any enemies within range; grants level 3 (cost: 300).

You can upgrade this building only twice. The first time you must choose one of the first three upgrades, and the second time you must choose one of the second three upgrades.

Function Edit

Resource Production Edit

The Stonemason is a basic resource building.

Upgrades Edit

Battle tower training-0 Battle Tower Training - Increase the ranged damage of your defensive structures (cost:1500)

Line of defense Line of Defense (requires level 3) - Unlocks the use of the small build plots in front of the citadel as a second line of defense (cost: 1500)

Bonus Edit

The Stonemason provides an increase to the hit points of dwarven buildings up to 30%:

  • 2 Stonemasons: 10%
  • 3 Stonemasons: 20%
  • 4 Stonemasons: 30%

Furthermore, a level 3 Stonemason will grant the Hall of Warriors and the Forge Works +1 level and +3000 hit points (Quality Stone).

Strategy Edit

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