Dwarven Runes
Cost: 6 points

Visual Effect: Each time a rune is used it will appear at some location on the building along with pillars of white light emerging from the building.
Gameplay Effect: The Runes of the dwarves can be attached to various buildings to strengthen them. There are 4 forms which have separate cooldowns.

  • The Rune of Productivity: chosen training building train units 30% faster. Economy buildings produce 30% more resources.
  • Rune of Power: chosen building gets frequently repaired. Every 20s 500HP are restored.
  • The Rune of Inspiration: grants allies near the chosen building +15% armour and damage for 30 seconds. The effect stays for the whole duration even if the units leave the area of influence.
  • The Rune of Inviolability: gives +50% armor to the designated building.

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