The Earth Shaker is a Siege weapon that is only available to Erebor. It attacks by slamming its hammer into the ground, creating a localized earthquake which quickly reduces structures to rubble, but units are merely thrown back, unharmed. Their attack has a cool-down. You may only command 5 Earth Shakers at once. However they can only attack through their ability Unleash Earth Shaker.

Abilities Edit

Release earth shaker Unleash Earth Shaker - Crush the steel hammer of the Earth Shaker into the ground to create a localized earthquake, which will throw back nearby units and heavily damage nearby structures.

Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again for a short time, making the Earth Shaker useless and vulnerable.

Upgrades Edit

No Upgrades
This siege unit has no upgrades. This means that this siege unit can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.

Strategy Edit

The Earth Shaker is a terribly deadly weapon, simply three can lay ruin to a Lothlorien camp. This is why getting the Earth Shakers to the base at any cost is vital, if they manage to be well positioned and unleash their attack they can cause a deadly blow to the enemy, although a failure could prove fatal. Even though they are limited, 5 is enough to destroy any base even with a couple losses.

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