"... Thorin I ... went into the far North to the Grey Mountains...; for those mountains were rich and little explored. But there were dragons in the wastes beyond; and after many years they became strong again and multiplied, and they made war on the dwarves, and plundered their works."
The Lord of the Rings: Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and the Rulers: Durin's Folk

The Ered Mithrin Bastion can be constructed on outposts when playing as the Iron Hills.You can recruit Ered Mithrin's Dwarves here. The Ered Mithrin, also called the Grey Mountains, are a mountain range north of the Lonely Mountain encompassing the area of Withered Heath, infamous for its dragons. The Iron Hills were once a part of the Grey Mountains, but this mountain range was broken in the First Age in the War of Wrath.The Ered Mithrin Dwarves are a hardened group of Dragon Hunters, with abilities that help defeating monsters.

Upgrades Edit

The Ered Mithrin Bastion can receive the following upgrades which improve or strengthen it.

Additional hall of warriors Additional Hall of Warriors: Increases recruitment speed and resource production by 50%. (cost: 500)

Dragon trophy Dragon Trophy: Lowers the damage of monsters by 50% in a wide radius while increasing the damage of nearby allied units by 30%. Allied units keep the bonus damage for 45 seconds after leaving the vicinity of the Bastion. (cost: 750)

Border wardens Border Wardens: Mans the Bastion with several Hunters to aid in its defense. Additionally, summoned Mineshafts (3pp), Lone Towers (3pp), and the summoned Citadel (10pp) gain +30% armor while the Bastion stands. (cost: 500)

Mighty catapult Mighty Catapult: Constructs a catapult on top of the fortress that delivers flaming barrages. (cost: 2500)

Function Edit

Unit Production Edit

This structure produces the following:

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Zealots Swordsmen 200 60 Pikemen Y
Hunters Ranged Pikemen 600 120 Cavalry, Monsters X
Dragon Slayer Elite single unit 600 60 Light infantry C

Abilities Edit

Launch Mighty Catapult (requires the Mighty Catapult add-on) - Fires a barrage of flaming rocks at an area surrounding the fortress.

Resource Production Edit

The Bastion periodically produces +10 resources (+15 with the Additional Hall of Warriors upgrade).

Strategy Edit

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