"My company are those loyal to Rohan, and for that we are banished."

The Exile Camp is where those loyal to Rohan gather, cast out by Theoden but because of the poisonous influence of Wormtongue. However, the King may raise his sword in blessing and give the once-banished his favor again, turning the Exile Camp into the King's Camp.

Not to be confused with the summonable Military Camp.

Upgrades Edit

The Exile Camp can receive the following upgrade:

King's camp upgrade King's Camp: Upgrade the Exile Camp into a King's Camp. This enables the recruitment of Rohan's elite captains. (cost: 1000)

Function Edit

This structure is protected by infantry that attack nearby enemies, produces units, can summon scouts, produces resources, and gives nearby allies a leadership bonus.

Defense Edit

The Exile Camp spawns two lightly armored foot soldiers which patrol the perimeter, attacking any enemies that stray too close. When upgraded to the King's Camp, two heavily armored soldiers of Meduseld are spawned in addition.

Resource Production Edit

The Camp periodically produces +10 resources.

Unit Production Edit

Exile Camp Edit

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Exiles Cavalry 400 0 Swordsmen, Archers Y

King's Camp Edit

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Royal Vanguards Cavalry 400 0 Swordsmen, Archers Y
King's camp upgrade Rohan Captains - Can summon elite units of Meduseld (Swordsmen, Pikemen, or Cavalry) Edit
Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Importance Shortcut
Rohan Captain Elite 300 90 Depends Captain of Rohan Y
Erkenbrand Elite 800 90 Depends Marshal of the West-Mark E
Elfhelm Elite 500 90 Depends Marshal of the East-Mark L
Grimbold Elite 500 90 Depends Marshal of Rohan G

NOTE: Both the Exile Camp and the King's Camp can also recruit the hero Eomer.

Abilities Edit

The following ability can be used by both the Exile Camp and the King's Camp:

Scout ability Scout: Summons a mounted scout to the battlefield for 60 seconds. The scout (2000 HP) is a fast unit with high vision range that reveals hidden enemies; however, he cannot attack.

Exile camp scout

Summonable mounted scout

Exile's fervor Exiles' Fervor: Nearby allies gain +30% damage and +20% movement speed. After leaving the Camp's vicinity, the bonus will persist for 45 seconds. (Passive ability)

Strategy Edit

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