Gotyam is a youtuber who has recently started producing Edain content. He plays a bit of everything including FFAs, team games, vs AIs and more without taking it too seriously. He also always promotes his discord group which gathers people who like LOTR all in one spot, the group can be joined using this link if you have a discord account. He also enjoys custom maps that challenge his skills.

Known Habits Edit

In severals of his video Gotyam has repeatedly displayed certain habits that have become part of his youtube personality, they are as follow:

  • Riddles - Gotyam is one of the main creator of riddles that populate the wiki. He has a great knowledge of the eastereggs and often uses them in his videos to aid him in battle.

Edain Content Edit

Gotyam's Edain content is extremely diverse and cannot easily be categorised. He has done many different types of custom maps, has teamed up with a wide array of other people and his experience with the AI range from it being an useless ally to it becoming a deadly foe.

Known Affiliates Edit




Samwise Jenkins

Most Viewed Edain Video Edit

Edain mod 2v2v2v2! Lack of order and lag for days

Edain mod 2v2v2v2! Lack of order and lag for days

Gotyam's most viewed video is one where is a 8 player team game with 2 players per team with RuudDevil, Corim78, Pvt.Popcorn, SeanPower2, Witch-King and Samwise Jenkins. A mighty battle that included a lot of lag and insane amounts of nonsense.

Quotes Edit