Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol are elite pikemen of Mordor. They are equally effective against all monsters, cavalry and infantry thanks to their halberd blades. They have the particularity of costing 0 command points but are limited to three battalions max. This allows Mordor to always have an edge when it comes to CP. They are a very effective way to counter spam since they can deal heavy damage to most "spam" units.

Abilities Edit

Halberd pikes Halberd Pikes - The Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol deal equivalent damage to all infantry, cavalry and monsters. (Passive ability)

Crack the whip Crack the Whip (requires Orc Overseer) - For 30 seconds, they deal double damage and slow cavalry down twice much but lose 25% armor.

Upgrades Edit

The Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol can be given the following upgrades:

Orc scout Orc Scout - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units. Additionally, the Orc Scout supplies the battalion with a very large sight radius.

Orc overseer upgrade Orc Overseer - If paired with an orc overseer they will gain bonuses and the ability Crack the Whip

Strategy Edit

The Halberdiers can be used both as an early game all-around damage dealer and late game pikemen. Their stats and type advantage might be enough to destroy most units early game, but they will get torn to pieces late game if they are put against heroic units or archers. They are expensive, but this is counter-acted by the fact that they cost no command points, meaning that no matter what Mordor always has the potential for more troops than any other faction. Once paired with overseers they gain +50% damage and +25% armor.

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