"Did this existence please you? Living as a nobody, crawling through the dirt just to survive? Of course not. I can see that much in you. You are not some Orc or Hillwoman, you are descended from the men of Numenor. It is in our blood to aspire to greatness. Now Arthedain... Arthedain is weak and failing, its days of glory long forgotten. But in Angmar, someone of your skill would not waste away her life in some pointless border hamlet. In Angmar, you could be so much more."

Helegwen is the archer hero for Angmar. She has been completely made-up by the Edain Team due to a lack of Angmar-related material in Tolkien's writings.

Stances Edit

Helegwen has a unique stance system that allows her to change between different arrows, each with a different effect.

  • Helegwen ice arrows Ice Arrows - Can damage even walls and castle expansions and reduces the production and damage of targeted buildings by 50% for 5 seconds. Enemy units suffer 25% less damage. Enemies won't be attacked automatically.
  • Helegwen steel arrows Steel Arrows - No special effects, enemies will be attacked automatically at a medium range.
  • Helegwen freezing arrows Freezing Arrows - Slows down enemies by 40% for 5 seconds. They suffer 25% less damage. Enemies in vision range will be automatically attacked.

Abilities Edit

Helegwen multishot ability Rank 1: Multishot - Helegwen lets loose a salvo of arrows, hitting all enemies in a target area. The arrows depend on her chosen ammunition type and apply its effects to everyone in the area.

Hail of frost arrows Rank 3: Hail of Frost Arrows - Helegwen calls down a hail of Frost Arrows. Enemy units and monsters in the area are frozen, while heroes are slowed by 50%. Buildings are disabled entirely for 30 seconds.

Ice barrier Rank 5: Ice Barrier - Angmar's sorcerers summon a wall of ice in front of Helegwen that lasts for 30 seconds but can be destroyed.

Northwind whispers ability helegwen Rank 7: Whispers of the Northwind - For 30 seconds, Helegwen's vision range is doubled and her speed increased by 30%. She leaves behind a trail of ice that slows enemies. 

Gift of winter Rank 10: Gift of Winter - Helegwen's Freezing Arrows now slow the enemy 50% more, and her Ice Arrows' effect on buildings lasts three times as long (15 seconds). This also affects her Multishot. Furthermore, the damage bonus granted by the Frost Arrows for archers of Carn Dûm and Frost Ammunition for catapults is permanently doubled. (Passive ability)

Upgrades Edit

Helegwen can receive the following upgrade:

Might of witch king upgrade Might of the Witch-King - Helegwen's arrows pierce enemies.

This upgrade can be applied to her through Witch-King's ability Might of the Witch-King.

Strategy Edit

Helegwen is a unique archer hero in the sense that she sacrifices damage for negative effects as demonstrated by her stance system. She is also very useful as with just her level 3 ability it is possible to freeze an entire army.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her voice files come from the character Ravenna, from the film "Snow-White and the Huntsman".
  • Helegwen was entirely created by the Edain Community. They created a backstory, design and set of unique abilities. The Edain Team was so impressed by this that they decided to make the hero part of the faction.

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