"No army has ever breached the deeping wall or set foot inside the Hornburg"

The valley was free over its entire width by the natural series of hills called Helm's Dike and behind that lay the fortress of Aglarond or the Hornburg, at the entrance to the Glittering Caves. A long causeway wound up to the great gate of the fortress itself. Inside the keep there were stables and an armoury, as well as a great hall in the rear which was dug out of the mountainside. There also was a great tower the top of which consisted of the great horn of Helm Hammerhand. The Deep, which stood next to the fortress, was barred by the long Deeping Wall, which consisted of solid rock except for a small culvert which allowed water from the Deeping Stream to enter; this rendered a fresh supply in sieges of great length, though this small weakness would eventually prove to be the wall's undoing. Access to the fortress from within the Deep was made possible by a long stair which led to the Hornburg's rear gate, where there was a massive system of caves behind the fortress.

This map has be primary designed to oppose Isengard (in the camps) and Rohan (in the fortress). It will work with other faction but has been optimized for the above mentioned purpose.

Features Edit

Reinforcements from Lorien can be summoned at the very right of Helm's deep if the Human Emissary (Rohan Captain) and the elven emissary (Caras Galadhon Guards) present in the court. In addition they will unlock the Reinforcement of Lothlorien (40 minutes, Elven Emissary) and Arrival of Rohirrim (25 minuts, Human Emissary).

The Galadhrim spell now no longer summons Haldir but instead only summons 3 battalion of Galadhrim which stay on the field a much shorter time. It also summons some Galadhrim at the reinforcement point.

Because of the number of heroes available (15) the player will only be able to recruit more if they recruit some. Once a hero is recruited, usually another one will take it's spot in the palantir of the Citadel and Inn.

Special Buildings Edit

The Rohan player has access to a couple of buildings to gain access to more troops

Name Use Location Method of obtention
Barracks Recruits Swordsmen of Meduseld, Axe Warriors and Rohan Pikemen Left of Helm's Deep Capture the flag
Inn Recruits Haldir's Galadhrim, Heroes from Rohan and Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas. Right of Helm's Deep Capture the flag
Helm's Deep Keep Recruit Heroes of Rohan In the Keep
Rohan's Base Keep Recruit Heroes of Rohan At the base of the Keep
Rohan Barracks Builds Herald of close-combat, Royal Archers, Soldiers of Meduseld, Knights of Meduseld, Spearmen of Westfold Two on the sides of the Rohan Base Keep

The Isengard player can gain access to a small outpost to gain resources and recruit Grishnákh, Mauhur, Ugluk Scouts and Grishnákh's Boys at the bottom right of the map.

Special Units Edit

The Rohan player can recruit the following units:

Name Cost CP Description Recruitment Location
Haldir's Galadhrim 800 60 Regular Galadhrims but with a special upgrade system Inn
Swordsmen of Meduseld 200 60 Elite Swordsmen Barracks
Axe Warriors 200 60 Building-destroyer like unit Barracks
Rohan Pikemen 300 60 Elite Pikemen Barracks
Herald of close-combat 200 30 Can call on close combat units Rohan Barracks
Royal Archers 900 30 Elite Archers Rohan Barracks
Soldiers of Meduseld 500 60 Elite Swordsmen Rohan Barracks
Knights of Meduseld 562 60 Elite Cavalry Rohan Barracks
Spearmen of Westfold 300 60 Elite Pikemen Rohan Barracks

The Isengard player can also take control of an Isengard outpost which will produce money and from which they can also recruit Grishnákh, Mauhur, Ugluk Scouts and Grishnákh's Boys.

Version Edit

Version 1.X Edit

Version 1.0 Download: Link

Version 1.3 Download; Link

Gallery Edit

Helm's Deep - How to get the Reinforcements01:58

Helm's Deep - How to get the Reinforcements

Helm's Deep - Galadrims in the SpellBook00:34

Helm's Deep - Galadrims in the SpellBook

Helm's Deep - The Citadel02:53

Helm's Deep - The Citadel

Helm's Deep - Fortress (Outpost) of Isengard01:29

Helm's Deep - Fortress (Outpost) of Isengard

Helm's Deep - The New Heroes of Rohan01:43

Helm's Deep - The New Heroes of Rohan

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