The Imladris Catapult is the mighty ranged siege unit for the Imladris faction. It can be built at the Siege Works and upgraded with some unique research.

Abilities Edit

Bombard target Bombard / Halt bombardment Stop BombardmentThe Catapult will fire endlessly at the target area until the button is pressed again or the Catapult is moved. Causes damage to all units and structures hit by the boulder.

Halt auto aquire 1 Halt Auto Aquire / Auto aquire 1 Auto Aquire - The Catapult will automatically acquire enemy buildings or units. If pressed it will no longer do so and must be explicitly ordered to target units or buildings.

Load blinding shot Switch Ammunition - Requires Blinding Shot. Switches between regular boulders and Blinding Shot boulders.

Upgrades Edit

The Imladris Catapult can be given the following upgrades:

Blinding Shot Blinding Shot - Blinding Shot boulders paralyze enemies in the target area but inflict only half damage. Catapults can switch between regular boulders and Blinding Shot boulders. Once this upgrade is purchased at a level 3 Siege Works, it will automatically be applied to all Imladris Catapults.

Strategy Edit