The Iron Hills Catapult fires 3 smaller missiles which are extremely good at taking out units but lack some power when it comes to buildings. Due to the quality of their craftsmanship, Dwarven catapults are sturdier than the catapults of other races such as the trebuchet or the onager.

Abilities Edit

Halt auto aquire 1 Halt Auto-Fire / Auto aquire 1 Auto-Fire - This defines whether the catapult is allowed to pick its own target or if it has to wait for the player to assign one.

Bombard target Bombard / Halt bombardment Stop Bombardment - This allows the player to pick a place on which the catapult will continually bombard, or to stop that bombardment.

Oil barrels Oil Barrels - Launches a flaming oil barrel that explodes on the battlefield. Left click icon then left click target.

Upgrades Edit

The Iron Hills Catapult can be given the following upgrades:

Fire stones upgrade Flaming Shot - increases the damage done to units and buildings. Catapults also become able to damage garrisoned units.

Strategy Edit

The Iron Hills catapult is perhaps the most powerful catapult in the game when used against units as it can quickly turn an army to dust. Its power is reduced against buildings, however; area of effect won't matter and each individual shot deals less damage than the single shot of a regular catapult.