"I will not hide behind a wall of stone while others fight our battles for us! It is not in my blood, Thorin. "

Summon the brother of Fili to aid Thorin on the battlefield. When Kili is summoned he will be the same level as Thorin. He was part of Thorin's Company

Abilities Edit

Thorins clan abilityLevel 1: Thorin's Clan - Thorin, Fili, and allied archers gain +15% armor if Kili is nearby. (Passive ability)

Faramir sword abilityFaramir bow abilityLevel 2: Toggle Weapon - Switch between bow and sword.

Kili headshot abilityLevel 4: Headshot - Kili draws an arrow and takes a moment to focus. Having targeted his enemy, he takes his shot, causing massive damage to heroes. If the target has been marked by Fili's ability Mark then the damage is doubled.

Kili travelling fare abilityLevel 7: Travelling Fare - Kili, Fili, and Thorin are healed by 1000 hitpoints.

Upgrades Edit

Kili can be given the following upgrades:

Mithril upgrade Veterans Required: Mithril Coat - Requires some veterans to be sent into a Dwarven Forge. Dwarven heroes will then have the ability to purchase the Mithril Mail upgrade for 500 resources. The Mithril Mail gives Dwarven heroes extreme resistance to all damage.

Strategy Edit

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