"No one enters Lake-town but by leave of the Master."

Lake-Town is an outpost expansion for Ered Luin because of its role in aiding Thorin's Company on its way to the Lonely Mountain. Lake-Town can be expanded with additional structures to have increased resource production, train units, heal the wounded, and be better defended.


Lake-Town as shown in the Desolation of Smaug movie.

Upgrades Edit

Lake-Town can receive the following upgrades which add various structures. Each structure added produces additional resources through tax revenue, gives the outpost +500 HP, and spawns more harmless townspeople.

Lake-town housing area Housing Area: Builds three town houses, each of which generates taxes. (cost: 500)

Lake-town militia house Militia House: Builds a barracks that allows for the recruitment of Lake-town battalions and the hero Bard. (cost: 300)

Lake-town well Well: Builds a well which heals nearby allies and grants them leadership. (cost: 600)

Lake-town watchtower Watchtower: Builds a wooden defensive tower that will fire at nearby enemies. (cost: 400)

Function Edit

This structure produces the following:

Units Edit

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Lake-Town Swordsmen Swordsmen 200 60 Pikemen B
Lake-Town Spearmen Pikemen 300 60 Cavalry, Monsters N
Lake-Town Bowmen Archer 300 90 Light infantry M

Heroes Edit

Name Weapon(s) Role Cost Importance
Bard Longbow/Shortbow Support 1300 Descendant of Girion, Lord of Dale

Strategy Edit

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