"Gandalf: It is Dain, Lord of the Iron Hills. He's Thorin's cousin.
Bilbo: Are they alike?
Gandalf: I always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two."
Gandalf and Bilbo

Dain Ironfoot is lord of the Iron Hills. He came to the aid of Thorin Oakenshield during the Battle of the Five Armies at the end of The Hobbit. After Thorin's death, he became the King under the Mountain and dwelt in Erebor, meaning that his older self is also a hero for the Erebor faction.

He is the Ring Hero for the Iron Hills Faction, being the replacement for Durin which can no longer be due to the 4.4 change in Ring Mechanics.

  • Dain's Level 10 Assembly Barracks


Dain iron hills lord abilityLevel 1: Lord of the Iron Hills - Dain Ironfoot leads his troops into battle. Allied units nearby gain +30% armor and are resistant to fear. (Passive ability)

Dain mount abilityLevel 3: Mount/Dismount - King Dain is able to mount his war boar. Left click to mount/dismount.

Dain defend the halls abilityLevel 7: Defend the Halls! - Dain orders his troops to defend their halls with their lives. Troops near friendly Dwarven buildings are invulnerable for 30 seconds.

Dain dwarven realms meeting abilityLevel 10: Meeting of the Dwaven Realms - Dain convenes a meeting of the three realms of the Dwarves. An Assembly Barracks is constructed which can be used to train any dwarven unit.

Ring Mechanics

Level 1: Durin's Heir - Due to the whisperings of the Ring, Dain's pride rises to unfathomable heights, and he declares himself the seventh and last reincarnation of Durin. He puts on mithril mail, gains improved stats and inflicts area damage. The Ring fuels Dain's peculiar nature and makes him upgrade his defense into a bastion: allied buildings in a wide radius gain +50% armor and damage and +25% production speed. The Hall of Warriors now trains units instantly. If there is no dwarven building in the vicinity of Dain, he loses 50% armor, damage, and speed. (Passive ability)

Level 3: Mount/Dismount - King Dain is able to mount his war boar. Left click to mount/dismount.

Level 7: Defend Durin's Realm! - Dain orders the defence of Durin's realm. For 30 seconds, every allied building and all dwarven units close to a dwarven building are invincible.

Level 10: Bastion of the Dwarven Realms - Dain orders the construction of a giant fortress which becomes a home for units of all the dwarven realms and fights back against enemies. You may only have one Bastion in the game at the same time.

The Bastion is the vanilla Dwarven Fortress which instantly trains units from all Dwarven Realms, and the vanilla upgrades can be instantly researched there, such as Banner, Masterwork Munitions, Siege Kegs, Oil Cask and Dwarven Stonework.

Durin's Forge - Dain calls up flames from the deep in a medium area around him, setting on fire all enemy units caught in his spell.



The Lord Dain Ironfoot can be given the following upgrades:

Mithril upgrade Veterans Required: Mithril Coat - Requires some veterans to be sent into a Dwarven Forge. Dwarven heroes will then have the ability to purchase the Mithril Mail upgrade for 500 resources. The Mithril Mail gives Dwarven heroes extreme resistance to all damage.