"Togo hon dad, Legolas! Dago hon! Dago hon! (Bring him down, Legolas! Kill him! Kill him!)"

The Mine Berserker is an Uruk Berserker who has strapped a few Explosive Mines to his back. He may only attack once, causing a miniature explosion which affects both units and buildings. This costs him his life. While his attack is not as deadly or widespread as the Explosive Mine's, the Mine Berserker moves faster and can detonate himself more quickly. Vulnerable to fire. The Mine Berserker benefits from the reduced cost of heavy Uruk-hai through the construction of 2 or more Mineshafts.


No Abilities
This unit has no abilities. This means that apart from the stances, which are present in every unit, it cannot affect the game play apart from his direct attack. This includes both passive and active abilities


No Upgrades
This unit has no upgrades. This means that this unit can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.


During the late game, when Isengard has access to its tier 3 soldiers and siege machines, you have access to their infamous bombs. While you could use up a lot of resources to train a bunch of the bigger explosive mines carried by two strong uruks, there's also the cheaper and quicker alternative which involves summoning this berserker with an armed bomb strapped to his back. It's generally a step up from having to assault settlement structures with slow-moving siege rams and ballistae, since groups of these maniacs can be sent to various parts of the map at a time, moving quickly, and unleashing a deadly payload to annihilate most weak structures. The blasts are excellent at taking out small weak structures like normal outposts and farms, though they generally aren't as effective against massive walls and fortresses as their slower, move expensive counterparts are. Keep them as far away from the battle as possible, and use them in kamikaze attacks to take out an enemy's far-flung territorial plots, saving the Explosive Mines for the real target: the citadel. The main danger with them is that the opponent would notice them and use fire to prematurely detonate the mines. This can be a danger to nearby allied units and buildings so you would need to ensure that you distract your enemy before hand and keep the mines away from your army.

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