"The plain, too, was bored and delved. Shafts were driven deep into the ground; their upper ends were covered by low mounds and domes of stone, so that in the moonlight the Ring of Isengard looked like a graveyard of unquiet dead. For the ground trembled."
The Two Towers

The Mineshaft is a resource building of Isengard which can be built at a main base/outpost and settlements. Unlike Dwarven Mineshafts, the Isengard Mineshafts are not able to be garrisoned with units to transport them across the map.

Level Up Upgrades Edit

Production increase Production Increase - increases resource production by 33%; grants level 2 (cost: 150).

Pantry Pantry - increases the command point total by 120; grants level 2 (cost: 300).

Defensive measures Defensive Measures - increases the building's hitpoints by 1500; grants level 2 (cost: 150).

Improved production Improved Production - increases resource production by an additional 50%; grants level 3 (cost: 300).

Improved pantry Improved Pantry - increases the command point total by an additional 240; grants level 3 (cost: 600).

Improved defensive measures Improved Defensive Measures - increases the building's hitpoints by an additional 1500 and adds an arrow tower which automatically fires at any enemies within range; grants level 3 (cost: 300).

You can upgrade this building only twice. The first time you must choose one of the first three upgrades, and the second time you must choose one of the second three upgrades.

Function Edit

The Mineshaft is a basic resource building. It also provides a reduction to the cost of heavy Uruk-hai up to -30%:

  • 2 Mineshafts: -10%
  • 3 Mineshafts: -15%
  • 4 Mineshafts: -20%
  • 5 Mineshafts: -25%
  • 6 or more Mineshafts: -30%

Strategy Edit

The Mineshafts of Isengard are one of the two main resource buildings available at the castle. It is also available at the settlements. Like the Furnace, the Mineshafts give a large economy bonus in the form of a discount for Heavy Uruks. These include the basic Tier 2 Uruks, as well as Berserkers, Mine Berserkers, and Shield Uruks. This improves Isengard's already strong economy, allowing you to save money on units in the mid-late game and use it on siege, heroes or upgrades. Thanks to it's availability on the settlements, it can be easier to get the Mineshaft discount than the Furnace discount. Therefore, a potential strategy would be to use Mineshafts on the settlements and the Furnaces in the base to get the benefit of both discounts.

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