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"A sickness lies over the Greenwood. The Woodsmen who live there now call it Mirkwood and, uh, they say..."

Mirkwood (also known as Greenwood the Great) is a massive forest in the East of Middle-Earth. The south was corrupted by the Necromancer, but the north remained a secluded elven kingdom led by King Thranduil. This map was created by Calsash . It presents the player with a fortress map in which the player can build and defend the Halls of King Thranduil. The Fortress player has access to many plots to build any buildings of the faction, regardless of whether or not they are normally available. The Castle players are restricted to normal rules but have access to 2 Outposts and several Settlements.

Mirkwood Entrance

The entrance to Thranduil's Kingdom in Mirkwood.

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