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The Mordor Submod has sadly, been canceled, but a series of updates can be found here in English and in German on the official thread.


Update 1: Morgul Shadows Edit

It is known that there is in Edain little or no units that even remotely comes close to the complexity required to purchase Morgul Shadow: You need a Nazgûl to kill an enemy affected with the Morgul blade and then the Lesser Wraith can be converted into a Morgul Shadow but only if the Morgul Fortress (which costs 3000) has been put under Sauron's Influence. Currently the Morgul Shadows are good fighters that regenerate passively near Nazgûl if they suffer damage. This makes them an interesting unit, but a unit that requires such a lot of effort required to at all be able to join the game and should be considered more in my eyes. The old soul skills here were quite a mixture, but they were far too complicated and not usable in some matchups to boot. Likewise liked the idea simply very good that the Morgul Shadows draws its strength from the deepest fears of his enemies. The result was the following system:

Morgul Shadows & Fear:

Once converted the Morgul Shadow will receive the random soul of an Elf, a Man or a Dwarf and two passive abilities to go with it:

Soul of a Man:

- "Elegance of Fear": The Morgul Shadow knows the innermost fears of his enemies. Whenever he strikes, close enemies briefly lose 10% damage. Abilities that cause damage lose 50% damage.

- "Corrupted Ambition": The Morgul Shadow grants enemies an illusion of power and success. Nearby enemies collect experience 50% faster but suffer permanent damage reduction.

Soul of a Dwarf:

- "Stolen Vitality": The attacks of Morgul Shadows rob the vitality of it's enemies. It causes slight surface damage and deprives life.

- "Endless Greed": The Morgul Shadow is filled with an immense craving for riches. When he attacks he gains some resources.

Soul of an Elf:

- "Extinct Breath of Life": The Morgul Shadow snatch the life of even the purest souls. Attacks of the Morgul Shadows temporarily disable enemy buildings and rob enemies of the ability to heal themselves for 90 seconds.

- "Fading Magic": The Morgul Shadow knows the secrets of elven magic and escapes its power, the Shadow and nearby allies are immune to magic damage.


All these effects affect heroes apart from "Corrupted Ambition". Morgul Shadows have also lost their abilities to hear while nearby Nazguls and two small changes have been made to them:

1. Morgul Shadow cost 45 CP now, as much as Isengard Berserker and are no longer with their 10 CP a quasi CP complements other army.

2. It is no longer possible for Morgul Shadows to exceed the CP limit: if the player does not have 45CP available then the Morgul Shadow will diseapear upon conversion.

Update 2: Castellans Edit

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the second welcome update of Mordor Submod. Today our focus shifts slightly to the north and look at what Dol Guldur has to offer. Today I will talk about the castellans, however Dol Guldur offers much more new than just these fellows (as well as Minas Morgul can boast more additional features as revised Morgul Shadows, only on the edge). ;)

While Morgul Shadows have received "only" completely new capabilities, installation and martial values ​​but remained unchanged, I have changed castellans considerably: you will of course still formed in the Dol Guldur fortress, but they now need Sauron influence which will no longer reduce the cost of Mirkwood Spiders. (How exactly Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur will look at all, learn it later, the point so please let stand so once.)

Furthermore castellans are now again individual units, limited to 4 and have no level. The first change simply is related that I have never liked Castellan squads, on one hand because it's just been too many of these units and on the other hand, because it no longer fits their role: castellans are instrumental in Mordor Submod counterattack against heroes; basically even mini-heroes that are intended for this purpose, this function adjusts not good at a party.

The inability to level up sounds very funny but castellans are the unit that presumably have the best scaling in the game. ;) In fact, they can not level up, in order to highlight the importance of their skills to the fore: Of course, increasing attack power and resistance would be a doubling the systems of their abilities:

"Will of Dol Guldur":

The Castellan was created for Dol Guldur to implement supremacism over Mirkwood. For 20 seconds, he is invulnerable and deals double damage. Enable with a left click.

Since it is now is in the castellans again about details, I have significantly increased the effect of the skill again. The FX is mMn quite striking, also it heard when it is activated, but I can really recommend it, with heroes (just EC-heroes) to take cover when the effect runs.

The second ability (or technically the first, taking into account the order of the Palantir xD) continues its "Creeping Corruption". This capability was always very fit Dol Guldur, which was responsible for the devastation and contamination of Mirkwood, but I never saw the real bite in this ability. The opportunity to be active only through this ability "Will Dol Guldur" was nice, but this ability is too central to the anti-hero feature of Castellans. The toxic effect fit MMN also not very, because I wanted a long-term corruption of the card and no short-term damage Spell. So I placed a component of the old "will Dol Guldur" in this capacity where they fit noticeably better:

"Dread Vitiation":

The Castellan cut the ground below of any life energy. The life gained Essence of Nature uses the Castellan, to increase the maximum health of all castellans permanently around. The Castellan may withdraw tainted soil no more life energy. Enemy units are in this area 25% slower. Enable left click.

Perhaps some still remember the castellans before Edain 4.0, where they had a similar ability. Here they created only a contaminated soil, allowed through the use of "will Dol Guldur" its hit points permanently increase. It was central, however, that this bonus only concerned the Castellan himself and thus was lost when the steward died.

The base of the ability is now that the bonuses concern ALL allied castellans , including those that have not yet been formed. I mean, if you turned the map diligently up in a dry wasteland, castellans will eventually tanky outrageous. ;) Or, if you are willing to: This unit has a new method to LG to scale, because it is becoming more powerful over time. Besides the contaminated soil also does not disappear by the way, that is, it can also interfere with the opponents in moderation to be to slow down.

I can tell you the way calm: I have this ability tested a long time in the SP, to find out if you can do castellans quasi immortal through it -soweit going now but again not: Even in matches with extra length, where I has a permanently 4 castellans I, I did not come for about 9000 HP, which is due to the rather weak armor really squelch. Of course, it does not alter that castellans by the Bank in LG 80% to 100% more HP than on their first appearance. ;)

The function of "Wille Dol Guldur" of "Creeping Corruption" it was removed from me, that Both skills are directly executable, it castellans have no more than the passive ability "Spell Necromancer".

Final following information about castellans: They cost in the future as well as Morgul Shadows 45 CP and are limited as mentioned to 4 units. Returns default you will get them for them is 800 commodities, should not be held even by high cost of it after the construction of Dol Guldur fortress and the benefits of Sauron's influence, -es use castellans as I said is for their system quite important that they get enough time for them to tank.

And there we are now at the end of the 2nd update. The next will probably come out until next weekend, because I did not immediately want to use up my whole powder, but these two updates I wanted to present so only once to even imagine the Mordor Submod something.

Update 3: Sauron's Spellbook Edit

Today we will leave the material world and deal quite so, what surprises Mordor Spellbook will have in Mordor Submod to offer, which are hereby no direct surprises. To bring even a little color in the presentation: Here we see the Spell Book, as it is currently to be found in Mordor Submod.

Mordor Submod Spellbook

Some of the spells you know certainly already, others may be less, so I'm simply sequentially through:

"Tainted Land" and "Sauron's Eye" have remained completely unchanged, both are very suitable to Mordor spells that must be contained easily. Enough said.

The third magic is the formerly located at the Mouth of Sauron "Dark Veil" Now, however, with an entirely different function. While has mechanically changed nothing because it still wraps a building in the shade and then a dark mist obscures the environment, the functionality has changed: "Dark Veil" now camouflages all allied units, heroes and buildings around the building and additionally overrides enemy spells -this relates eg Isengard "Palantir-Vision", Galadriel's "power of the seer", etc.

This is also an allusion to the glamours, by the Necromancer used in The Hobbit, what I consider one of the few smart ideas of part 2 look. Along a rather situational spell, however, quite have considerable strength.

In the 2nd row is now every single spell (almost) completely new, or at least in this position again (from left to right):

- "Endless hordes" is now a passive ability that on the field restores a unit to all troops every 40 seconds.

- "Call the Horde" is again a charm the 2nd row. This depends, inter alia, to the fact that Mordor troop summons flew completely out of the Spell Book so that it now requires a bit earlier to Spell "gap stopper".

- "Monument of the Dark Lord" is a completely new spell. He conjures up a statue of Sauron in the target area that can be precisely like a silent guard nearby enemies flee. Furthermore, all the enemies that attack the statue, a fixed amount of damage -the makes regular units especially without upgrades very difficult destructible, but this protection lasts heroes and siege weapons in any way to suffer. The capability provides Mordor the opportunity to make passages of the battlefield for enemies without fear resistance very difficult to pass and thus abzuzirkeln a combat zone.

- "Lord of the Earth" is also back in the game included. Just as in 3.8.1 provides this spell is a passive strengthening of Sauron, the reduced Sauron cooldowns by 20% each on the steps 1, 5 and 10. FIG. It is important that this is multiplicative increases, Sauron invites at level 10 his skill or about twice as fast as on to level 1.

In the 3rd row "darkness" has remained the same, the two new spells are "Flames of Orodruin" and "power of domains". The former is a very simple spell, for which there is not much to explain; Mordor required after removal of the arrow hail a new damage spell: A fiery rock goes down in the target area, damaging enemies and then leaves embers. What it's all about, you will learn later, because behind it hides a lot. xD

For "Power of domains" I'm still can not tell a lot today; Only so much can be said that this is a passive ability that Mordor domains (Minas Morgul & Dol Guldur) strengthens.

Only in the 4th row now, nothing has changed from the spells ago. I am currently still considering whether "Power of a Bygone Era" really his 15 points is worth, to which I have put it in my revision Gorthaur again; This can these points quite get in again, but only if it (is cruel as he) has gathered all his forces. And if it should come not a normal game, although it is still a very steady threat for the opponent. ;) (And no, I do not speak here of Sauron level xD)!

Update 4: Caution, Dark Lord! Do not feed! Edit

Behind the title of the new update is the first update to the hides changes to Sauron in the Mordor Submod; today it is intended to go to the system, after which it activates and improves his skills.

Historically was to the Dark rulers or generally the interesting evil in Middle-earth, that they are not just evil but cruel. I myself must of course all the fault of mine have all adversities that befell Túrin sprang solely from the recalcitrance of his father, but Sauron I can't sugarcoat anything, he's just a nasty guy!

The fear and the terror that emanates from Sauron as a person, my date came in the Edain Mod still a little too short (currently almost all include the fear effects yes to the Nazgul), besides that, to me this new system allowed the chance Gorthaur to change in my sense. Today we deal therefore with the new Cruelty system and the basic form Gorthaur's, transformations come later.


Sauron is basically already the only hero of the Mod, whose level has nothing in common with the ordinary heroes: It is less an expression of his own strength, but rather a state-based indicator of Mordor's. Hereby I want to continue to drive a bit to the extreme, this concept now, but the same time absorb an issue that came up against Mordor: The loss of heroes against Mordor weighed generally much weaker than against other nations because of Mordor heroes gathered any experience. At the same time there were various skills especially Gorthaur's who were too late to prevent the opponents eventually, even if he played very well.

These difficulties should Sauron new passive ability "cruelty" counteract something. When he is the Necromancer this replaces the passive-explanatory button, as this is already sufficiently described in the fortress, Gorthaur (including all of its forms.) Also have access to this capability, but without to have to sacrifice an explanatory Slot.

The malice and the thirst for revenge of the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne knows no boundaries. Sauron desires nothing more ardently then to overthrow a Middle-earth to destroy the works of his enemies and kill all who defy him. Selects every 20 seconds a random nearby enemy hero. If the Mordor hordes manage to kill it within that time, the cost of Nazgul fall permanently by 5% (max. 50%). All 5 successful killings Gorthaur's skills will enhanced or new abilities will be enabled and Gorthaur's attack damage in all forms will be increased by 5%.

This is the cornerstone of the new concept of Sauron Mordor Submod and even if I sometimes do not understand why the ability actually works, I'm pretty proud of it! A successful killing under the effect of "cruelty" can be identified by a black swirl around the dead heroes, it involves the old FX of Gorthaur's power vortex of fate blade. As long as Sauron still crawls as Necromancer around and flies, the only effect of this passive ability that Nazgûl be cheapened. Gorthaur is there an entirely different matter ...

It should be said at this point that I am fully aware that in a real game 20 enemy heroes will not die in succession close to Gorthaurs . But the system is also not thought -in MP you will probably 5 to max. 10 stacks come what unlocks all important skills. Stack beyond are either a continuous threat in MP for the opponent that having to end game sometime (or simply lose no more heroes xD) when Gorthaur is on the field. Alternatively, I wish SP players fun to test Gorthaur in some later passages of the game ...


Gorthaur capabilities in its basic form and all transformations except Annatar where a quality control system called "cruelty" MMN does not fit, are now heavily dependent on the stacks from this passive ability. So all Gorthaur's abilities are now unlocked directly, start, however, very weak and are pile on "cruelty" stronger. In vampire and werewolf form his first 3 slots are unlocked directly, Skill 4 and 5 require the occasional massacre of hostile heroes.

The current palantir was revised considerably from me here, so he has next to "Sauron influence" and the transformations that remain, of course, about the three skills "fate blade", "Home Search" and "Devouring Darkness".

Destiny Sword

Gorthaur draws his terrible Doom Blade. For 30 seconds he has + 50% armor and inflicts additional Fire damage. At 5 stacks "cruelty" he adds, in addition, a slight surface damage. At 10 stacks "cruelty" he knocks back enemies to the ground. From 15 stacks "cruelty"part of the damage caused heals him. With sufficient stacking Gorthaur turn into a deadly fighter. ability shall however noticeably again ride on the bonuses for 10 stacks that could still accumulate in larger MP battles.

Home Search

Gorthaur torments the mind of the chosen heroes with pictures of their dead. Gets near the chosen hero a ghostly image that followed 10 seconds, slows and nearby enemy heroes inflicts massive damage. For every 5 stack "cruelty" the image 10 remains seconds longer (max. 50 seconds). These both conceptually-new as well as very atmospheric ability is devastating to players who do not keep their heroes on the move or separate them! The mind is so conspicuous and slow that it is quite diverse are counterattacking.Ajar is the treachery of Barahir stock by Gorlim which is driven by Sauron by a mirage of his dead wife.

Devouring Darkness
Gorthaur creates a magical vortex with his dark magic that sucks enemies and devours them. The vortex deals the most damage in the center, loss and strength increase for every 5 stack "cruelty".The effects of this ability to start really weak: Without a stack of "cruelty" adds the ability for example, only in the center of the vortex at all damage, Rohan yeomen loose throughout the duration of just about 50% of their HP. Even without massive damage, the ability, however, be used in order to keep enemies at one point wonders should this ability developed later -as expected I had once accumulated 25 stack using a poor AI Merry, this spell contributed namely slightly more.

Update 4.2: Gorthaur's transformations Edit

Today I present to you the second part of Sauron updates, which deals with Gorthaur's transformations and this changed partially. The "partial" comes states so that I am so pleased with Annatar as it is and have not changed him (except the description of its final capacity).

Prince of Vampire:

With this form, I was tremendously unhappy. First of all it seemed hopelessly too weak to compete with the warrior form and then the skills threw several problems: damage caused by Gorthaur passively was so insignificant, that is he had to stay long in battles to cause anything. His flight ability "On Black Wings" brought only a very small bonus to movement speed (air units are so happy shelled still extremely long, if other units were already out of reach) and to me came to be 10" Eternal Thirst "completely inappropriate ago because he inflicted immediate damage and thus there was no synergy with his other abilities.

In the Mordor Submod, Sauron moves more towards its historical role, where he lived as a vampire in Taur-nu-Fuin and it spoiled the forest permanently. Sauron keeps his fighting style, inflicting passive damage to nearby enemies, but exchanges its strong capabilities (i.e., activated by "cruelty") against abilities to paralyze the building and contaminate areas such that a walkover for weak forces is hardly possible:

Gorthaur now has the capabilities "On Black Wings," "Bloodsucker," "Corruption," and "Forest under the nightshade." "On Black Wings" is now for 20 seconds and adds + 50% speed," Bloodsucker " is a passive ability, on one hand the system that inflict passive damage to nearby enemies and on the other it significantly increases regeneration out of combat -It did not seem fit, to simply increase Gorthaur's life enormously, instead he is ready for battle again within a short time.


Prerequisite: The player has 5 "cruelty" Stacks accumulated.

Sauron curses the earth at the target area, so thereon buildings will be disabled and many poisonous spiders are summoned. The ability can be combined with "Great Witchcraft" of Mouth of Sauron and has global reach. Links Click on the icon and select the desired area

This is the old Dol Guldur fortress capacity (though without the poisoning), I liked this Spell; it also fits Sauron vampire figure -Ergo he is now back in the game included. ;)

Regarding combination with "Great Witchcraft": Do you remember that "flames of Orodruin" leaves ash ? Or the fact that I wrote about an interaction of "Dark Veil" and the Mouth of Sauron? Now, these are all potential targets for new final capacity of the Mouth of Sauron.

"Forest under the nightshade"

Prerequisite: The player has 10 "cruelty" Stacks accumulated

A terrible depravity is lodged in the selected area. The Cursed area starts small and weak, but grows over time to become a massive obstacle to enemy advance. Well-suited to lock passages the map. There can only be one "Forest under the Nightshade in play simultaneously. Left Click on the icon and select the desired area

This is one of my favorite skills throughout the Submod and it took me a long time before it both functioned and looked good. Basically the capacity is relatively simple: It evokes a central object in the target area, the "Source of Corruption". Mordor Submod 5

The effect of Forest under the Nightshade is random:

- A dead tree (incl. Rotten floor), of nearby enemies slowed by 50%.

- A spider web, which is defended by numerous small spiders.

- A dark mist, in the fight against enemies with each other.

Well after the 1st stage is reached, the source can still destroy, but you should rather with siege weapons, advance and so on. Own troops may well pass the area but still. Still...

Mordor Submod 2

Mordor Submod 3

So, by that one would want to go through much less, right? xD Short Tip: Yes, will no longer really be! While the majority in the picture optical nature is, like the many dead trees without cursed soil or the cursed ground without tree, have been added more effects ...

- The Orkleiche causes nearby enemies who die near return, as confederate Barrow-wight.

- The little green poisonous cloud does exactly what one should expect.

If the size of the forest you look now, you will probably come to new applications on Fords of Isen or other cards, where you can block an access route.

In all that glory of the forest looks the way as like this: Mordor Submod 1

Mordor Submod 4

(Of course, it involves two different applications of the ability.)

In the last stage even be added the old Illusionsorks that sometimes appear in the forest when approaching enemies and then another guard who Nachtmahr -dabei is the black Gewaber to release will look better.

Two information I want to get rid of yet:

1. The forest grows randomly! Where appear exactly which objects is never entirely safe as long as the terrain is impassable.

2. If the source is destroyed, the nightmare is over within a short time! This makes it for the enemy particularly important to respond quickly to this spell before it accumulates critical level.

Update 5: Cirith Ungol Edit

Today I present to you the revised Cirith Ungol, where everything has changed quite a lot in every aspect. The sub-themes are Shelob, Shagrat & Gorbag, and the units Cirith Ungol.


Shelob is no longer available in the Spellbook. The giant spider of course remains available although in her natural habitat, Cirith Ungol. Likewise, 2 things remain to cover:

- Since Shelob is one of the fastest hero available and also a necessary Heroes Killer for Mordor, she must be available reasonably quickly when the player needs her.

- As a regular hero role was completely inappropriate, because there never was any real alliance between Sauron and Shelob. This would have angered the community and gone against the lore.

I'm curious, what do you say the connection looks like this: Does one "Sauron influence" on the Cirith Ungol barracks, a portrait with the name "Shelob's Lair" appears on the hero bar. This includes the entire system Shelob in Submod:

Mordor Submod 6

Only once was there an explanatory text, so that the entire system looks like:

Shelob's Lair -. Shelob is the horrific inhabitant of the pass of Cirith Ungol, her presence is known to Sauron , but he tolerates her as guardian, killing his enemies, Shelob's Lair sends up "Terror of Cirith Ungol Reinforcements" :

Level 2 - Get additional spiders from Shelob brood while Shelob has grown in their greed and + get 10% attack and life.

Level 3 - Gets numerous spider, Shelob is growing once more, and receive a total of + 25% attack and life. Fully grown, the giant spider addition can dig tunnels.

Shelob retain xp, the more successful they were in their hunt. Passive ability.

"Shelob's Lair" will start at level 1 and thus rises in level when Shelob kills enemy . Shelob's old Spider Summon is now integrated into the summoning Shelob (ergo no longer present in her!). Also the old growth mechanism is included again. Otherwise, this Level System ensures primarily that Shelob can be somewhat better adapted to the gameplay -so they can be in the LG useful shape without being too strong on the ground.

Otherwise, there are of course the ability to summon Shelob itself:

"Terror of Cirith Ungol - calls for some time, the giant spiders and Shelob on the battlefield. If the invocation is performed when Shelob is already max level , they can also dig tunnels. Links Click on the icon and select an area "

Shelob skills palantir is amended accordingly; she now always has the old sting, I find it massively better than the spider web, it is Summoned while "Shelob's Lair" is at level 3, it also has "tunnel".

Important of course is still that Shelob always gains the respective bonuses the "Shelob's Lair" granted at higher levels after the next summoning .

Shagrat & Gorbag:

Now we come to a point which is certainly not well received by everyone: The shift of Shagrat & Gorbag ​​in the Cirith Ungol barracks and the general removal of their scout role.

There are several reasons for this change, even if it undoubtedly represents an asymmetry to all other factions:

1. Shagrat & Gorbag ​​are currently have no scouts. ;) They do not have a special level system, have about half a hero(only available in the Gorbag ) and are basically very simple hero. So far there is this asymmetry that Mordor has no scout hero, is actually even now.

2. Mordor has already diverse scout options -should my suppositions contradictory really problems in collecting information own, I can still make the Ork Sniffer available in the Orc Barrack. Strictly speaking, this does not even include Cirith Ungol.

3. There are actually still a purely subjective point: I wanted to put an eternally old concept of my hand, and still make an attempt Shagrat & Gorbag ​​to make full hero. Edains approach to make about heroes, they are of course a clear role within the people, but it just restricts the potential strength of their abilities tremendously.

So you can see the two just once ... xD

Free recruitable only Shagrat, which is available for 1300 resources. Shagrat intended to represent a more defensive heroes Shagrat can temporarily call Gorbag ​​ for help:

Commander of the Great watchtower:

"Shagrats task is to ensure the pass of Cirith Ungol that no enemies to advance to Mordor. Areas, by moving Shagrat disappear after 30 seconds in the fog of war. Passive ability "

Although Shagrat certainly is not a Scout, its historical function and its Edain-role created this ability, so Mordor although still has a scout, but this comes very late.

Control Team (Stage 2):

"Shagrat's sloppiness while guarding Mordor limits has gotten him in trouble so the Dead City sends a patrol under the command of Gorbag ​​to the pass. Gorbag ​​summons Shagrat's at his current level. Left click on the desired target area "

This is probably the most important skill of Shagrat, that completes the friendly Orc Duo again. ;) Gorbag ​​remains 90 seconds and can be re-created every 4 minutes; to his abilities as we'll see.

Barricade (Level 6):

"Shagrat can build a barricade in the target area to discourage intruders to progress. At level 10 the barricade is garisonned with black Uruks instead of orcs. Left click on the target area"

Has no more space was found for the ability in the Spellbook Shagrat should become a defensive hero me this ability appeared well accommodated with him. Furthermore, I was able to integrate the old Uruk barricade again what fits chronologically well 10 to Shagrat's ability.

Greed (Level 8):

"Shagrats greed drives him into battle. He and near black Uruks capture raw materials for killed enemies. Shagrat steals attacked buildings in addition money. Passive ability "

A perhaps somewhat lame / uncreative ability but reasonably fit. Furthermore, it is only truly effective when using CU troops because of Plünderbonus not affect normal Mordoreinheiten.

The reason for all the passive skills, or at least passively usable skills is the way because you recruited Shagrat effectively 2 heroes, therefore Shagrat should not have so many active effects; many of his active skills are thus passively available on Gorbag

Fight for the shirt (Level 10):

"His insatiable greed drives Shagrat forward and he tried to acquire Frodo's mithril. The commanding loyal Gorbag ​​tried to stop him, so he is forced on new measures and new skills obtained that are more focused on the fight. Enable left click "

The subject of the dispute between Shagrat & Gorbag ​​felt currently in Edain bit short: Of course, they hit each other, but in their abilities this issue was not as strong built. Therefore, this conflict is now the starting point of Shagrats new 10er ability.

Gorbag ​​(control squad):

Gorbag ​​has in its normal form as the leader of the patrol from Minas Morgul very on Peeking oriented skills -also here fits it simply: Historically, he should find out what was happening at the pass, in Edain he Mordor scouts and in Submod he is in this form more of an addition Shagrats and is intended itself to do not much. Therefore Gorbag ​​has two capabilities:

Morgul Patrol:

"Gorbag ​​was sent from the city of the dead, to find intruders to Mordor territory. It has a high visibility and covers camouflaged enemies. Passive ability "

Spähposten (Level 5):

"Gorbag ​​commanded from some Orcs his squad to push at the specified point guard and these defend against intruders. At this post accumulate until its destruction some Orcs and grab near enemies. If the wax fire destroyed inflamed the immediate environment. Links Click on the icon and select passable area "

Gorbag ​​(fight for the shirt):

If the ability to "fight for the shirt" is activated while a Gorbag ​​on the field, its presence duration is reset to 90 seconds, it loses its normal capabilities and receives instead new 3:

Wild Fighters:

"Gorbag ​​is now in real trouble, as in Cirith Ungol total chaos erupted. He therefore presents to his fighting style and easy thrashes wildly at anything that moves, so that it inflicts splash damage. Passive ability "

A relatively simple passive bonus, which is based on the point in the movie where Gorbag ​​wild thrashes about and thus the Uruks keeps at bay. This bonus makes Gorbag ​​but a very dangerous fighter, regarded simply as an outsourced on Gorbag ​​swordmaster Shagrats. xD

Gorbag's entourage:

"The orcs from Gorbags troop band together to survive the uproar in Cirith Ungol. In the target area to position some immobile Hellebardiere the orcs, slowing nearby enemies easily and briefly hold the fort. Links Click on the icon and select passable area "

This ability is mainly strong against enemy cavalry, but can generally be defined as an obstacle to the movement of enemy forces.

Bloody Blade:

"Gorbag ​​attacked the chosen enemy, inflicting a serious injury. The selected destination will suffer major damage and still loses for some time after life. Left click on the desired destination "

That would be with the evil duo that is so dear to us all his heart! : D

During this almost only reinforces the Orc Spam should, these two rather different problems compensate Mordor, although I admit that the skills: My intention behind these two heroes, they incorporate as EC / MG-hero, a sort of complement to Gothmog was follow the two not entirely clear line. An idea that I did seek to implement is that the two together form only a real hero or they can mitigate their weaknesses mutually.

Units of Cirith Ungols:

Here are two important changes have occurred:

- Since "Sauron influence" now unlocks Shelob, the Uruk archers are readily available.

- The Cirith Ungol barracks now no longer forms of Orc Halberdiers, these are available elsewhere in Mordor, where they depend on Cirith Ungol still. At the Uruks way, I have absolutely nothing changes, this unit like it as it is in Edain, dazzling.

In summary Cirith Ungol now grants so direct access to Black Uruk and Uruk-hook archers, indirect access to Orc Halberdiers and allows the recruitment of Shagrat, which in turn can call Gorbag ​​the battlefield. About "Sauron influence" the player then even the giant spider Shelob.

Update 7: The Messenger of Mordor Edit

Today, as promised, I will introduce the new concept for the Mouth of Sauron, which has been significantly changed in the Mordor submod.

Problems with the Mouth of Sauron:

The Mouth of Sauron has a series of very appropriate abilities, so I wanted to make it clear that I have not thrown everything overboard. I personally, however, was not so satisfied with two things:

1. The sheer number of skills made the hero unpleasant to play for me. On one hand, he needed a certain number of them to make a complete hero, but to divide his debuffs into four separate abilities made him too complicated to play.

2. The magic of Mouth of Sauron was too direct to me, especially since it was so fundamentally different from his words, which made a clear role in the game difficult. With the flashes I could, for example, Never begin anything, next to it is "Dark veil" now known in the Spellbook.

Whether I have managed to solve these problems and give the Mouth of Sauron a clearer profile, you can now judge for yourself. ;)

Regular Abilities

First of all, I have shortened Mouth of Sauron to a palantir, a change that is more elegant. He will, of course, continue to keep his riding animal, the old abilities have now been more compressed and look like this:

Words of Blinding (Level 3):

"The messenger of Mordor brings an offer to his enemies, which can not be denied. Without knowing it, they are involved in Sauron's plans and are now on the web of Mordor's lies. ALL enemies in the target area lose 75% of their visibility.

When Sauron is Level 6: Mouth of Sauron uses the widespread lies to incite his enemies against each other. For 10 seconds, enemies fight each other close to each other. Left-click on the desired destination "

Words of Doubt (Level 7):

"The threats of Mordor in the words of the mouth make enemies' hearts heavy and rob them of the force. Enemies in the target area are only half as fast.

When Sauron is Level 9: The nagging doubts of his enemies are used by Mouth of Sauron to point out the hopelessness of their situation. For 10 seconds, enemy heroes lose 50% of their armor. Left-click on the desired destination "

These skills occupy the slots 2 and 4. As you can see, I've managed to get all the words from Mouth of Sauron (including his comments, which give the skills a nie touch), but shorten them to two abilities. Furthermore, the new system creates a certain counter-attack for the opponent: since only the first effect of the ability can be directly applied to a target area and the enormously strong secondary effect is centered around Mouth of Sauron and only takes a delayed attack, before that both his army mutilated or his heroes would lose their defensive.

Otherwise, I left the words for the most part; However, he can no longer lower enemy range, but the primary component of "Words of Doubt" now affects all troops without exception (except, of course, heroes xD).

The third slot is now "Evil Eye", its old level 9 ability, which is now available at level 5. By being available earlier, Mordor may help a little against heroes, and it is the only form of magic that Mouth of Sauron is capable of without help. Nothing has changed in the functioning of the ability, somehow I have always considered this ability to be much more subtle than the flashes.

Mordor Submod Mouth of Sauron

The study of the Great Witchcraft:

Let's go to the final of this update, the new level 10 ability of the Mouth of Sauron. The study of the Great Witchcraft is only mentioned in the book, but there is considerable opportunity to spin off a little.

The question is essentially: What can a human warlock and Sauron's pupil do with his magic? Now, it would have been too easy to make it just a strong magic attack - this would be highly inappropriate. A central characteristic feature of the messenger's is that he is completely dependent on his master: he does not remember his own name, his whole title is basically an expansion Saurons -Edain is already taking account of the fact that he does not have his own level. This circumstance, the dependency of Mouth of Sauron on Mordor, should therefore be reflected in this ability and led to the idea that Mouth of Sauron can only be conjured with the help of already existing objects of Mordor - without the Black Land, this hero is simply nothing!

Great Witchcraft (Level 10):

"Sauron's disciple has long been studying the Great Witchcraft and is using his craft to enhance an existing object of Mordor's power. Left-click on one of the named objects "

Ingame is here a list of all available objects, I will now but only the two already announced introduce and the rest in a spoiler pack, since I would not take the surprise away:

- "Dark Veil": Creates two Morgul constructions on the selected building

If you put "Great Witchcraft" on a building that is under the influence of "Dark Veil" (we remember: Spellbook, 1st row, far right), two empty armor are raised on the chosen building. The unit uses the old model of Alatar's protective spirits and creates a small hint to the castellans, which are also an armor of armor. Morgul constructions are good fighters, comparable to Berserker, but they move very slowly.

- "Glow": Re-ignites the glow and calls a flame column

Who still remembers the "Flames of the Orodruin" leaves embers in the target area, also available through Sauron's "eruption". If you put "Great Witchcraft" on it, you're going to get rid of a lot of inferno, because what you can marvel at is the old Gorthaur flame, again at the level of 3.8.1. You can not move him any longer, and he no longer appears in the hero's list.

Morgul Construct

Mordor Submod Morgul Construct

- "Morgul Construct": Improves the construct to a Masterful Construct

As one of my highly esteemed characters once said: "Almost is not good enough!" According to this motto, Morgul Construct can be a bit further. The masterly constructs are a bit bigger, have more life points, and a skill I will not reveal. Only so much is said: Alatar's protective spirits had a very interesting property, which can make the masterful constructs rather stubborn. While the Morgul constructs use the orc model, their big siblings use the Elben model. Important: The ability destroys all Morgul constructions in the target area, so you should place them exactly!


- "Corruption": Creates a terrible plague in the target area, which can jump over to other enemies

Another target for "Great Witchcraft" is the contamination that Sauron can unleash as a vampire bat. Mouth of Sauron creates a disease that, like a beautiful epidemic, spreads as if the enemy does not lead his troops properly.

Spirits of the Shadow World

- "Spirit of the Shadow World": Let the spirits disappear in the target area and receive a stack of "cruelty"

This is actually the only goal of "Great Witchcraft", where the number of objects to which it is deployed plays a role. With all other targets, it does not matter if four Saurons have cursed an area or only one that has the disease Is always equally strong. This has mainly balancing reasons, especially since 4 stacked flame beds next to each other would also look quite derpy.

While I liked the "cruel" system, I wanted to leave the player the opportunity to let the master benefit from his student; Apart from this, there is another opportunity for me to portray the concept of "the evil in the middle of the earth." What is more beautiful than living beings, after their premature death, are to be banished in dark robes or in front of the lidless eye, and thus the power of the Dark Ruler? This goal is, of course, addressed to the speech of the Witch-King to Eowyn, into which the word "cruel" can be inserted confidently.

Well, that would be it for the Mouth of Sauron. All in all, this was a rather short update, after all it was only a hero, but also for such a thing must be time! Personally, I think that the messenger of Mordor now plays much more pleasantly and his Arsenal was purged considerably, without depriving him of its core identities. In addition, he receives "Great Witchcraft" I think an interesting new 10 skill.

Update 8: Offshoot of the Black Land Edit

Today, we will turn to our attention to an innovation that has the potential to change Mordor's gameplay and not just the details. Not that the reworking of smaller points would not be fun for me or that I would regard them as unimportant, but I am aware, of course, that changing Castellans do not make Mordor as such. ;) Today's update will probably be quite a flood of information, as it did not make sense for me to split it into even smaller slices than I will.

What is Melkor talking about now?

What I always noticed about Mordor and Sauron is that it is expansive. Mordor's corruption is not just a desolation, but also extends into the middle. A perfect example of this is certainly the grotesque or the entire former Great Green Forest, but also the book description of the Black Gate provides information on how meaninglessly destructive Mordor's servant actually are. It was therefore a need to portray Mordor's expansion even more clearly, which at the same time enabled the integration of various concepts, all of which would be the system presented today.

The offshoots of the Black Land:

The funny thing about the pictures uploaded here is that I have almost every time taken care that they contain a spoiler for the next update. In this case, it is the builders that you see in the heroic track and can actually build buildings again.

Now, of course, it would be extremely unfair if Mordor could simply build additional buildings freely. There had been enormous restrictions on how many buildings Mordor could build up like fast, and I wanted to do this with Mordor's corruption.

Effectively there is a new ability "offshoot of the Black Land" in the fortress. Passively, this provides Mordor with a builder - and always only one at the same time, which is mainly for technical reasons!

You can actively spoil a land so that Mordor's builder can build on it. Here, only the restriction comes into effect, as new offshoots can only be swarmed far apart from other offshoots, offshoring buildings and fortresses / outposts / camps. Thus, the number of additional buildings has already been considerably restricted, and one is dependent on the reload of this spell.Mordor Submod Mordor Corruption

During the construction of the building, the tainted soil disappears again, so that several buildings can not be erected on an offshoot. At this point, I would like to point out a small technical problem, which I unfortunately could only solve a little: because Sauron is known to be a ring hero, it is also possible to erect offshoot buildings nearby. (This is exactly the same bug as that in 3.8.1, it was possible to erect a building next to Saruman, which actually required rotten ground.) This problem has been taken into account by quickly collapsing buildings that are not erected next to shelters. Mordor Submod Mordor Build Radius

Otherwise, here is the list of buildings that can be erected on branches:

  • Orc tent
  • Troll cage
  • Siege works
  • Cirith Ungol Watchtower
  • Minas Morgul Fortress
  • Dol Guldur fortress

The three former buildings are kept in the down-stream style of the outpost, which I will explain in more detail. I will introduce the Orc Tent and the two domain buildings in the next update. On all three buildings a lot has changed in many respects.

The Cirith Ungol Watchtower deliberately does not have automatic arrow defense, but can be occupied. In addition, it is quite expensive and is built very slowly - all this is to disqualify him for the offensive bunkers. I also want to avoid a situation where the towers are built somewhere on the flanks of Mordor's economy and there the game is braked until the end of the game Always attacking enemy enemies. If you want to hit the tower, you have to sacrifice parts of your army.

Why this system?

Probably a lot of criticism can be found relatively quickly, so I take over the part just for you. XD Firstly, such an additional free building, even if it is restricted, dances considerably out of line. Secondly, Mordor offers various advantages, as it can have more buildings. And third, which is presumably the biggest point, it contradicts a basic idea from Edain 4.0 that you just no longer have everything, but the lack of building sites automatically requires decisions.

The first point I see is not so dramatic: fixed building should never be conceived as a conceptual restriction, neither do one such a favor, or help one further. ;) A meaningful concept, which disrupts this circumstance, should not have to answer dogmatic arguments, but rather to be restricted to its content. Whether this particular concept of course justifies such a break, you have to decide, I personally would answer it of course with "YES".

I have attempted to compensate for the second advantage as far as possible in detail by the fact that depot buildings have considerable disadvantages compared to fortified buildings, whereby the additional building parts are compensated for. All the offshoot buildings are not level, i. The production speed can not be increased directly. Furthermore, tea units, which are frequently released by "Sauron's influence", are often not available on the shelves. No troll catapults, if one wants to Mordor's elite, one must well or badly continue to sacrifice building sites.

The third point is harder to relativize, because you can possibly not suffer subjectively at all - then my arguments will probably not do this better. Just listen to me, maybe I'll convince someone Mordor's overall concept treats his resurgence - from the grotesque EC people with an incapable Sauron as the most powerful party of the War of the Ring with operational bases in the whole middle. I would like to make Mordor's variety at this point aware of the usual compulsion to make decisions - the whole potential of the offshoots is not simply available, it costs money and time to build all buildings, i. In full strength it emerges only in late MG to LG. So I see such a system, which is slowly getting stronger, as conceptually well compatible with Mordor's basic concept.

The outpost of Mordor:

In the first place, the fortresses Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur are now no longer available, I am still working on a concept for a postpost alternative, completely linear and without decision, I finally do not want to have Mordor.

There is now a certain unification between the offshoots and the downturned style of the outpost: this is now basically a kind of "mega-offshoot" on the additional raw material building can be erected. The change in the building selection has not changed at all, but the orc tent, the troll cage and siege structures now behave like the respective branch building, so there is thus a loose connection over the other building style. Ablegermindestabstandlupg3

That would be with today's update. The next two will be back in waiting and deal with Mordor's domains where, as I said, most of the features have been reworked. I hope that update has been found despite or perhaps just because of its controversial ideas! I would appreciate feedback!

Update 9: Domains of Mordor - The Dead City Edit

Welcome Modding Union!

Christmas is already over, but I'll just take a look at the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve as a post-Christmas season-and where could you celebrate this feast better than in Minas Morgul, well-known as the dead city and symbol of Festive mood. Of course, Christmas is not over yet (see Rapidis Post), but this is what makes it all the more fitting to spend this time in Minas Morgul, the Christmas center of the Middle Earth.

In today's update, I'll introduce the general domain system and take a closer look at Minas Morgul and hope that the expectation will be up to Dol Guldur, because this domain can be pretty much on its way in the absence of new holidays.

Orcs of the domains:

As announced in the last update, Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur fortress are now being freely built at offshoots of the Black Country. This free-to-work system led me to a considerable rethinking of the Orc production because it basically raised several problems:

- In the normal Edain it is possible to assume that you have only one domain at a time, unless you are in the lead anyway. Since the Mordor Submod is basically just a game of time, when both domains are in play, the question of duplication in battalions is immediately raised – basically, it would be a disaster, from a certain point in time in addition to the normal Orcs with six battalions as well as Orc units from the domain.

- Although the domain buildings on the offshoots are obviously stronger and more expensive, it was important to me not to let them be completely self-sufficient. The player should be reliant on synergies within his game plan and Mordor and they do not exist if two buildings alone are sufficient.

The short version: The backbone of the Orc forces is now building on the work of Edain 3.8.1. Effectively, this means that the domain fortresses can now no longer recruit Orcs, but only unlock them in the Orc tent. This also clarifies the whereabouts of the Cirith Ungol orcs, because they are unlocked there as the Lance Carrier unit of the domain Orcs after the construction of the Cirith Ungol barracks.

Accordingly, the regularly available orcs in their diversity are now clearly slimmed: Now only the three units Morgul Orc warriors, Dol Guldur archers and Cirith Ungol halbardiers are available. First of all, this is because it would be illusory to put a total of 10 different simultaneously available (note the difference to Edain!). Second, this system covers everything important: for sword fighters, for example, one wants an armored meat wall, i.e. Morgul Orcs.


The domain fortresses are now more command centres and elite barracks, and not buildings that recruit orcs around the clock that they were previously, which I feel is an improvement. The Orc Tent on the other hand, are only recruiting for domian Orcs, but the latter are now much slower. Although it may seem backward in the face of the history of Edains, that Mordor Infantry is based more on work stand of Edain 3.8.1, I think this is the best solution in the context of the Offshoot System.

The Dead City:

The beginning is now Minas Morgul, the cursed City of the supreme of the Nine. As a direct and indirect source of heavy troops, the player gains access to conventionally strong units without much of it.

The Morgul Fortress is the Morgul Orcs recruiting location for Morgul Riders and the Witch-king after the outsourcing, as long as "Power of the Domains" was not purchased. Even if the price can change, of course: since it no longer provides free stronger orcs, I have lowered the price to 2000.

The fact that the fortress looks so empty is completely intentional and at Dol Guldur no different: domain fortresses are already indirectly altering Mordor game and are additionally provided with additional options by the spell mentioned. Without investment, you don't give up everything.

I will present the revised Witch-king together with Khamûl, here it is only pointed out that the Morgul Riders are now no longer Hero Units. This is because I find it very questionable to have two Hero Cavalary Units, but not a regular cavalry unit - a situation in which I found myself, because the Haradrim Riders are no longer available. However, in order to illustrate the special character of Morgul Riders, you will remain a 5-team that costs a total of 60 CP. They still have the passive "vanguard of the Dead city," so they slow down nearby allied Nazgûl less quickly, but they have lost "eternal bondage," as they are no longer a hero unit.

Power of the domains:

What this Spellbook ability actually does is now finally explained. With this spell, the domain fortresses become much more active buildings, which are now in themselves a risk to the enemy.

The bonus Minas Morgul receives is a single passive ability:

"Lost Souls- The souls of those who once fell prey to the Nazgûl in the conquest of Minas Morguls are still exposed to the gaze of the lidless eye. Every minute, next to the Minas Morgul fortress, there appears a ghost of the Shadow Kingdom. In addition, the fortress creates two deep shadows, evil spirits that disappear in their attacks and cause high area damage. "

Although such beings do not appear directly in the book or in the film, they do not irritate the boundaries of the lore, and I consider them to be consistent with our information. This is how evil spirits are repeatedly mentioned, such as the march from Minas Morgul:

"Surely he was, the Prince of the Nine riders, returning to the ground to lead his ghost army into battle."
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-the stairs of Cirith Ungol

Otherwise, there is the short dialogue between Witch-king and Éowyn, which our dark King has kindly quoted:

"For you he will not slay. He will carry you away to the wailing houses, beyond all darkness, where your flesh is consumed, and your withered soul should be left naked to the lidless eye."
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-the Battle of Pelennor Fields

Because this does not sound like a purely theoretical threat and when put into context, I have therefore simply allowed myself to use this interpretation.


The ability thus fulfils two functions: First, it effectively grants the player a constant supply of Morgul Shadows, which is interesting in that the ghosts of the Shadow world otherwise require the use of Nazgûl. Given the significantly increased strength of Morgul Shadows (See Update 1), you can get a lot out of this ability.

The deep shadows are basically walking Mass Killers with counter possibilities: Because, on the one hand, they can do a lot of damage with their one attack, it's basically important for the enemy not to get caught by them. This is hindered by the fact that the unit is invisible until the attack (after which it is then too late). Now every nation has a remedy for invisibility with its Scout Hereos, and the deep shadows are slow and need to get close – accordingly, the opponent can completely avoid them if he is careful.

We're actually already done with the announcement to the Dead City! What horrors are waiting for you in the gloom forest will be betrayed in the next update. I think I have developed a few that can cause significant discomfort in your opponent.

Good day, friends and enemies of the Mordor Submod!

Today, its the turn of the second domain in Mordor. We are also looking forward to a views to the north and we will remain in the southern Mirkwood, in Sauron's fortress there.

Update 9.2: Domains of Mordor – The Hill of Black Magic Edit

The Hill of Black Magic:

In contrast to Minas Morgul, Dol Guldur is slightly less the "heavy" domain. Instead of simply flooding the enemy with heavy troops, some more unconventional comrades are waiting for their use.

It was very important to me to clearly distinguish Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur from each other. In Edain, for example, they both cost an outpost and are basically responsible for the exact same task field, although they both die differently, but nevertheless there are numerous parallels – so both a hero unit, a hero, three Orc Units, and (in the case of Minas Morgul only with Sauron influence) an additional unit.

In the Mordor Submod, it became more important that the domain differences be worked out more precisely, since both do not have a "all-round carefree" package, after all they are significantly cheaper to purchase (in terms of site). Though Dol Guldur is subtiler than Minas Morgul, it should all not be weaker.

At first I decided to revise Castellans, because they still had some conceptual weaknesses. First of all they do not require "Sauron's influence" any more – since Castellans alone do not have a decisive effect on the game, they hardly appear because they could not use their other attractive bonuses.

There was also a problem between their abilities, since they worked strictly against each other: "Dread Vitiation" had the task of buffing them defensively, at the same time they had an armor bonus with "Will of Dol-Guldur" – the Life Bonus was thus completely behind in the most critical moments. Therefore, I first halved the basic life of the castellans, but it doubled its armor – this alone is sheer number-turning, so that life ingame does not look so astronomically high, but it has the effect that the life bonus caused by "Dread Vitiation," which has remained absolutely the same, now carries twice as much weight. As the downside of this, I have completely removed the armour bonus from "Will of Dol-Guldur." The damage bonus, however, has remained the same, this ability is intended to allow the unit to strike extremely hard for a short time, weakening it would have undone the identity of this ability. To put it simply, I would rather have this ability weaken the defensive than to mess with the attack bonus!

Poisonous spiders of the gloom Forest:

I did not quite like the meaning of the Poison Spiders. The unit was conceptually quite boring because its weakening aura is the only strength death unit. The unit itself has a ridiculously low damage and a fairly weak defensive at high CP costs. Apart from the fact that they are the only real spider unit in the game, the poison spiders themselves conceptually offered nothing interesting. I have thoroughly rebuilt them, and am starting to replace the poison spiders as a recruitable unit of the brood mother.

Brood mothers are big spiders, who themselves cannot fight and criminally are slow. To understand why brood mothers are dangerous, let's take a quick trip to StarCraft 2 from the heart of the Swarm. Specifically, it is about the popular "swarm hosts," who served as inspiration for this unit. Dubai is a unit of the Zerg that cannot fight, but can dig and in this state create endless temporary units that do the dirty work for them.

It seemed to me enormously interesting to raise the spiders in the Mordor submod, as well, not as directly recruitable regular troops, but as wild beasts hatched by individual large spiders. These are not troops under Sauron command, but more about the effect of calves.

The system works as follows: Brood mothers can birth a spider, stringing together a net inside of which all allied spiders are camouflaged. As long as brood mothers are in a net, they generate a six unit venom spider battalion every 30 seconds, which disappears after 40 seconds. Furthermore, spider nets disappear extremely quickly when there is no one spinning it.

Power of the domains:

Also, Dol Guldur remains of course not unaffected, but the bonus of this spell is different here than with Minas Morgul: I share this part of the announcement in the boring and the common part.

The boring part of the ability brings the Dol Guldur fortress to the player to side a bat swarm, which can be used for scouting purposes. Yep, more than that is really not behind!

The intresting part of the ability is an active spell called "infestation," which is unlocked in the Dol Guldur fortress. Another little digression: I am traditionally malicious in the submod, but with the ability, I believe that I can present the world with a masterpiece of malice, evil will, and bare horror, disguised as this measly green cloud.


What makes this ability so infinitely nasty is that although the infestation has to be fought quickly, it is invisible to the opponent on the minimap, and building arrows at the cloud do no harm (ergo do not shoot buildings at all) – if your enemy consistently refuses to see in his own economy and fortress from time to time on the right, his whole economy can be infected, so to speak, without him having anything to do with it. However, as you can see, "Domain Power" at Dol Guldur does not provide any direct fighting power.

What do you say: if it is most beautiful, you should stop! I am doing this on time, because I am unfortunately already with this update to Sauron's fortress in the gloom forest. I hope you will enjoy this subpopulation of depravity, vile spells and unconventional units. Next time, it goes with the top of the nine and Khamûl continues. In the meantime, the "spoiler of the week ," who finds it and keeps it right, may use a jar:


Otherwise, as usual, I'm very excited about feedback, no matter what form, maybe you don't realize that, but you get a lot more perceived, even if it gets torn.

PS: By the way, I'm going to make a toast to ElectronicArts – like those who have kept track of their invisibility system, the gods know! In particular, because it works in other games with the same engine apparently smoothly.

Update 9.3: Domains of Mordor-The governor and the Witch-king Edit

Greetings, Modding Union!

Today I will present the revision of the unveiled forms of Khamûl and the Witch-king and show how they will look in the Mordor Submod. Their normal form without their insignia has changed almost nothing at them and their roles have remained the same, yet there are numerous innovations:

Khamûl, the Governor of Dol Guldur:

Khamûl underwent various changes in the Mordor Submod's process of creation. Originally it remained completely the same, as long as one has not yet possessed "power of domains," for Dol Guldur would have been a modified 10-capacity Khamûl then the main bonus of this spell – whereby at that time the planning regarding "power of domains" still quite looked different. In the course of the revision of this spell, he then received in his governor form the revised capacity of 10 as the standard final ability, but still at a time when "Sauron's influence" was still castellans free. After I had rejected this again, as explained in the last update, I finally came back to the original idea, that "Sauron's influence" on the Dul Guldur fortress, now Khamûl's 5th ability is free and instead is "Access Dol Guldur."

This is shown just to show you the crisis of the creator of this Submod and warn you if Khamûl should appear as a Plüschnazgûl in the final version, with all the changes I made to him. But the way he looks now, I'm actually very happy with him, so I guess it's nothing:

"Access Dol Guldur" (from Sauron level 4):

Khamûl sends the power's of Dol Guldur against an enemy building. The building will be knocked out for 60 seconds.

From Sauron Level 6: Lasts another 30 seconds and deactivates its defense.

From Sauron Level 8: Lasts another 30 seconds and covers the building during this time.

From Sauron Level 10: Enemies next to the affected building are poisoned over the entire duration of the ability.

As announced, Khamûl now has no natural level 10 spell anymore, since the fifth ability is basically the effect of "Sauron's influence." Therefore, this ability now has more a lot of power on later stages, but at lower levels it stays overall shorter. Otherwise, disabling Autofire will also give you another function, but the venom is more likely to suffer from weak damage – you should not spend the entire duration of the poison near the building, because at some point the damage will begin to add up, but Khamûl is no Mass Slayer.


If the player now has "Sauron's Influence" on the Dol Guldur Fortress, the 5th ability of Khamûl, named "Terror of Dol Guldur", is activated. I used it to remove his old summon from Ostlingen, since I identify Mordors Khamûl less with Ostlingen than with Dol Guldur. Therefore, after much thought, I did not like the fact that it was his 10th ability that referred to his background. It's a pity for the models, but I had to bring the victim. Furthermore, painting this unit is not necessarily a final solution.

"Terror of Dol Guldur" has an initially very low "Aha!" or "Oh!" Effect, as it initially only summons the old dungeon of Dol Guldur in the target area, which can be only once in the game. Now, the attentive reader will have noticed that this ability (pardon) is a sautious acquisition - without any cheaps that are difficult to come by, leaf through 2,000 raw materials for the fortress, 1,600 raw materials for Khamûl's basic form and another 1250 resources for the insignia. By the way, you also have to throw "Sauron's influence" into the ring and everything for a dungeon chamber?!

The background of the whole thing is basically the following for me: While the Witch-king in the book and film is very active, used in several places black magic sayings and even inhabited the fight, you get from Khamûl overall not much with. The governor Dol Guldurs is mercilessly inferior to the Prince of Nine even in direct strength (now in the historical sense), accordingly a direct demonstration of power would have fit less.

The dungeon is now a great substitute for the Dol Guldur Fortress, because it can be summoned quite quickly; if it is destroyed, Dol Guldur will not really be slowed down by keeping Khamûl alive. Khamûl can be resurrected and castellans recruited here.

Naturally, the Dol Guldur melee corks on the last picture of the last update will not have escaped the watchful eye, the dungeon is now the place where they are trained (unchanged in terms of value and cost to Edain). Thus, Dol Guldur grants the Mordor player more spam potential in the highest form and on top of that more offensive melee.

The additional unit is the breeding spider. By name, taken from the good old Gorkil hereby a spider to be represented, which was actually bred in Dol Guldur and improved to some extent - an interesting aspect of Sauron is that although he does not start his creations from 0 to himself like Morgoth, he develops them at critical points. Olog-Hai are certainly the best known here, but also for example his invention of the Black language belongs to this category. Accordingly, I found it quite plausible that Sauron also improves the giant spiders of gloom forest. Furthermore, since I interpret the brood mothers and their poisonous spiders rather as the most offensive form of Dol Guldurs corruption, the breeding spiders are also in no logical contradiction to the other spiders – graphically one sees this also a little bit at the comparison of the building designs: The fortress stands for the hiding place Sauron before he showed himself open again, the dungeon rather for Dol Guldur as Sauron's northernmost base of operations in the war.

Breeding spiders are waiting in-game as individual units for 45 CP, which have three untypical strengths: first, they move very fast forward and are thus able to keep pace with any form of cavalry effortlessly. This synergizes partly with their ability "crippling poison":

The poison of the breeding spiders was carefully improved by Sauron. Attacks of the breeding spiders poison enemies for a long time and slow them down for 3 seconds by 50% (passive).

The poison mentioned here is noticeably stronger than that of other sources: the damage is inflicted more frequently, lasts longer and is generally much stronger, in addition, heroes suffer drastically higher damage in order to take account of their higher life points. In general, you can't run out of breeding spiders, especially when you're on one. Their severely slowing attacks are also the third strength. Otherwise, they also naturally have "spider presence," are camouflaged in forests and spider nets and can climb over small walls.

Lastly, the dungeon gives the passive ability to "spin." Once again an introduction: As stupid and illogical the unit was, I always had a certain weakness for the spider catapults. As an independent unit it was of course completely impossible and some more realism certainly does not hurt, but somehow I could not completely delete this feature:

The nets of the giant spiders of Mirkwood can be used surprisingly well as projectiles. Troll catapults allows the change to spider weaving, which can be easily ignited by the following flame attacks. Passive ability.

As you can see, compared to the original, it is already clearly screwed down, but is still a small homage to the old shooting around small, droll crawling stuff. The radius in which the flammability is increased is relatively small (pretty much the network appearing in the attacks) and the fire also extinguishes quickly, yet it can provide a clear support.

So we would have Khamûl and Dol Guldur worked out, I hope once that the different facets of "Terror of Dul Guldur" please. I like the ability. Yes; mainly because he does not have Mordor (and the net ammunition evokes pure nostalgia).


The Witch-king:

At the head of the Nine the case was of course a little difficult. We all know that for historical reasons he would be used for every hero role. The new Witch-king from Edain 4.0 I did not quite like that much because I missed some personality traits – the Black rider had really done it to me when reading the book.

At the same time up to version 4.0 he was an absolute allrounder without any real weaknesses, which could shine in almost every role, that there was a need for change, explains itself.

So how could you best meet this situation? The Witch-king is practically the most expensive hero of the game: it costs as a black rider already 2000 raw materials and then still has to be revealed for 1500 raw materials; in addition, it requires the 2000 commodity-expensive bulwark, with 5500 raw materials for the first purchase and 3500 raw materials in his personal capacity, he was able to have some strong skills, without equal conflicts of conscience.

The Witch-king of the Mordorsubmod is located somewhere between the Witch-kings from Edain 3.8.1 and from Edain 4.0, I tried to orient him a little further in the book, making him a little more an allrounder without overloading him too much.

Following his distinct distinction from the rest of the Nazgûl, his aura now has its own symbol and its new old names, in the basic form "Ring hunter," as Morgul prince, "Prince of Minas Morgul."

"Ring hunter" (passive):

The Lord of the Nine has moved out to find the Master ring Sauron. Enemy forces in the area lose all leadership, cause-10% damage and have-10% armor. For each additional ringwraith in the area, units cause another-5% damage and have another-5% armor. The Witch King and allied Nazgûl in the area receive 25% speed, damage and allied Nazgûl in the environment get 25% speed, damage and vision.

Here, only the name has changed, and the ability no longer weakens heroes. Why, I don't know myself right now.

"Prince of Minas Morgul" (passive):

The black commander now leads Mordor armies openly into battle. Enemy forces in the area lose all leadership, cause-10% damage and have-10% armor. For each additional ringwraith in the area, units cause another-5% damage and have another-5% armor. The Witch King and allied Nazgûl in the area receive 25% speed, damage and visibility. The fear of the Witch King leaves Mordor servants, even beyond enemy anti-leaderships, to forget all the horrors. Mordor Elites areparticularly favored by the Morgul prince, making near Castellans immune to magic and elemental damage and Morgul Shadows 50% armor.

Now I think again, because the ability now gives some other bonuses, I have removed the hero weakening for balance reasons. Two words to this: I wanted to somehow take the rank as a black commander, likewise, Mordor now really needs no more bonuses or Mali. How practical it is that castellans have lost their immunity to certain types of damage at higher ranks, the idea was to include a kind of "elite leadership". While Castellans and Morgul Shadow, as well as Nazgûl, receive the rotating ring as a guide FX, normal troops must be content with the usual luminaires. The idea for the fearlessness of nearby troops and the immunity of this effect against hostile anti-leaders (e.g., rain of the face, etc.) arose from the fact that Mordor soldiers in front of the witch King are probably as frightened as his opponents. Accordingly, this effect cannot be lifted, as an angry Witch-king is still the worst perspective.

In addition, fearlessness is, in a sense, the innocent form of leadership, and it offers a way to make heroes who do not need their role because of their historical merits, but still do not completely stand in the rain. Aragorn, I'm talking about you!

Furthermore, the Witch-king, on foot and on horseback, no longer has the exact same abilities (1-2 he could often not use anyway). In addition to the passive aura and the usual mount, three abilities are subject to a certain change:

On foot, the Lord of the Nine has "ghost form," "Morgul" and "Hour of the Witch King", all three abilities have not changed. BTW: Have you ever thought about how paradoxical it is basically that the Witch King uses the Flame Blade in his book on his horse and in the film on his beast, but here on foot and only there fell back? Just saying.

On horseback it is necessary to test the abilities of "circling", "destruction" and "crushing words" on enemies. The first two are unchanged, the third is of course oriented towards the being. Let yourself be told that his short conversation with Gandalf, that then dissolves with the arrival of the Rohirrim, is one of my absolute favorite scenes in the whole Lord of the Rings. And I'm not tired of stressing how extremely good I find the Witch-king's appearance in this scene, so let's just read it again:


Over the mountains of corpses appeared a frightening figure. A rider, big, in hood and black coat. Slowly, trampling over the fallen, he came riding, not observing the arrows in any detail. He stopped and lifted his long, sallow sword. Paralyzing fear gripped friend and foe: The people let their arms sink, and no bow sang any more. For a moment everything was quiet.

The drums whirled and rattleded. With a wide start, Grond was hurled forward by giant paws. He was in front of the gate. He bounced against it. A deep crash, like when Thunder runs through the clouds, rolled through the city. But the iron gates and the steel pillars kept standing.

Then the black commander rose in the stirrups, and with a loud, cold voice he cried out words of power and terror in a forgotten language, crushing heart and stone. Three times he cried. Three times throbbed the great Ram to the gate of Minas Tirith. And suddenly, the third time, it broke. As if blown up by a spell, it spheres apart. A dazzling flash of lightning flared and the wings fell to the ground in pieces. "

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-the Battle of Pelennor Fields

Crushing words is now a pretty exact copy of this scene:

"The Witch King of Angmar unleashes his power against the enemy fortifications. All heroes and units in the vicinity remain short-term. Buildings in the target area lose 50% of their armor for 20 seconds."

It even turned out that there is a completely passable animation for the ability, the cooler I find it ultimately. By the way, "all" also means all allied heroes and units, the text finally speaks clear words. This part of the ability, however, serves more of the atmosphere as it lasts only a few seconds.

Flying is allowed to use the "circling," "destruction" and "swings of death" abilities. At the latter one can quietly accuse me that the ideas have come out, but I also wanted to make a total of something simple-accordingly, this is only a passive ability, the enemies over which the Witch-king flies over, 10 seconds by 25% slows. Nothing unusual.

And that would be it again, unfortunately. I hope you enjoyed the two Nazgûl and you can use their skills for good. Otherwise, almost exactly to the completion of "crushing words," which cost me some time, a user known to me hitherto unknown, "Sauron – the original" with me and wished much success in defending your main goal. I don't know why, but he said it was important.

Update 10: Management & Economy - Overseers Edit

Have a nice day, modding Union and welcome to a new update! Today we will be dealing with the first part of one of the last great concepts that are still to be imagined. (Strictly speaking, there are not so many in total.) The next two updates revolve around the cornerstone of every nation, namely money and command points.


Let's start with a question: Why not use Orc Overseers? The percentage bonus you give to troops is enormous, and it's a strong skill, but the most interesting thing is that they don't even cost CP as de facto units upgrades, and the bonus is purely computationally on more expensive units like Archers for its cost is worthwhile.

Annoyingly, however, overseers need "Sauron’s influence" and this brings the player only a single production location for overseers-such a central ability can be better applied in most cases. However, I personally do not like the fact that overseers have any condition whatsoever: basically, this is quite inappropriate, because the book-Mordor sometimes appears as a real administrative Hell (): Orcs threaten each other several times, the other "by name and Service number" to your superiors; Generally, only the whip of the slave drivers and overseer murderer holds together at all – the whole watchtower of Cirith Ungol serves, for example, mainly to block Mordor slaves from the way to the outside. In addition, there are all the enslaved people who toil in the fields, workers who manufacture weapons or promote ores, and so on and so forth.

If one strictly adheres to the book version, overseers would probably be one of the most central units of Mordor, especially since this is generally technically advanced in the book. As a kind of single large camp with additional war machinery, a functioning administration is actually Mordor first goal. For this historical reason I decided to make the overseer very central for Mordor gameplay, in fact so central that you simply have to build it. Sometimes you just have to force the player to be lucky to build one of the coolest units of the Edain mod!

This means, of course, first of all that, as I have already noted somewhere in the vastness of this forum, overseers in MS no longer require "Sauron’s influence." They are thus recruitable at level 1 of the Orc Barracks, which must also be the case. They are now available for invariant 250 raw materials, which is because they are too central for Mordor, as slave farms are likely to benefit from their advantage.

In addition to their self-evident ability to "inspect," they also have the new ability to manage Mordor:

The overseer takes care of the administration of Mordor hosts (especially by using service numbers). If ORC overseers are close to the Mordor fortress, they will increase the number of command points available to the player through their work. A supervisor generates 15 command points within 60 seconds. Passive ability.

So, I would like to have this ability sacked first, because what does it mean fundamentally? Trivially, first of all, that Mordor no longer raises his command points via an upgrade in his resource buildings, but mainly through overseers. ("Mainly" because the basic CP of resource buildings also exist at Mordor.)

Two immediate consequences of this change are:

1. Mordor can no longer maximize its CP within a very short time, ergo should not be able to become so overwhelming in the EC by free orcs. After all, overseers are similarly expensive as the first CP upgrade, but the command points need a while until they accumulate, and wardens block the barracks during their training.

2. While this change Mordor in the EC outbreaks It is clearly advantageous in the LG: From the moment you have finally brought the CP to a high level, you are fully available to the entire rest of the game.

Thus, Mordor strength comes to bear only in the later game, which causes the change overall, is the introduction of a CP system, which is more oriented to the LG.

Otherwise, the restructuring of the command points is a problem: If Mordor does not have to effectively explore all command point upgrades, his economy would be much stronger. After all, it is one of the two imperative upgrades that every other nation must use; Mordor could now replace all upgrades with increased production and would then have far too much money. Accordingly, I had to partially change Mordor economic system.

So, I have been trying to make the grey cells change the economic upgrades accordingly: Since only the command point and production upgrade are affected by the change, they have other effects for Mordor, the defense upgrades remained the same. Today I present only the general system, as well as the specific changes to the production upgrade, since only this has something to do with overseers.

On the one hand, as I readily admit, it is annoying that a certain depth of decision has disappeared. I tried to balance this with the new effects:

-"Preworker" now leads to the fact that although the raw material building itself does not work faster, all surrounding the deposit building do (by 30%). A situational bonus, which requires a certain amount of planning, as the first economic upgrade is researched fairly quickly, but it is not added later in the game. On the other hand, the production of building cannot be increased otherwise, so the bonus is not to be despised, domain Orcs need, for example, terribly long in training.

-"Additional workers" was an upgrade where I had no idea what to do with him at first. I did not think of a clever idea, except to reinstall the same effect as "Reworker" (only stronger)...Presumably this is the most important economic upgrade, because it will influence the barrel in the hero bar, whose task has been unresolved since x upgrades.

I first decided on the search for a sensible task for the 2nd production upgrade for this effect, but the main reason is my dissatisfaction with the level of Mordor barracks as such – basically it is the worst of all peoples in the LG, since manual removal is not possible, it is also inappropriate in a way, because it rewards Mordor to never lose his buildings, but then automatically generates higher building levels – so it is basically the EC expansion system par excellence. I didn't really like it for such an intensive people as Mordor – although the view is legitimate that Mordor is expanding its production by recruiting his huge hordes, but the bonus fits more to the Fog mountains.

The longest part of the development was the 2nd production upgrade which, after reaching the 3rd supply level, is useless, which I did not like again. A feature that is useful in a particular game phase and later rather less – safe, but completely superfluous? Not with me!

What gave me the flash of mind was actually the name of the upgrade itself, "additional workers". The aforementioned upgrade seriously changes its functionality if the war reserves are already sufficient: it represents the additional workers mentioned in the upgrade. Voilà:

The coordinating hand of an Orc overseer allows the worker squad to summon a mine shaft, with the squad disappearing again:

I have actually lied, because the upgrade "additional workers" can actually boost production, the mine shaft generates resources. This, however, requires constant supervision by the player, a thought which I will explain a little more in the near future, because it is a fundamental design thought for my part and represents my opinion of playful skill in sum. Long story short – the mine shafts are exploited after some time and then disappear automatically.

The Worker squad also appears new after some time, so to get the maximum out of the system, the player must periodically scan his business buildings for idle orc workers, assign them to a supervisor and give the resulting troop a Assign mine shaft – this naturally requires to produce overseers permanently! The workers therefore offer a very active system, actually (strictly objectively speaking) even the most active economic (secondary) system ever.

I've been trying to promote playfulness: weaker players will probably stand around and get soured, but stronger players will be able to permanently allocate them and get the maximum out of the system Orc Workers.

The system also has a side effect: it Orc Barracks considers the whole game to be useful. Because with some Orc Tents (which one receives quickly via an outpost) and the necessary domain buildings are quickly and easily approached to strong orcs, the barracks in the LG often provides the weaker alternative. Over the wide installation of the overseers, which can only be recruited in the Orc Barracks, the latter remains important to the whole game.

Not math, but arithmetic with numbers:

Since this is about the economy, the most fundamental game system in general, there is nothing left for me but to go into the account behind all of this:

Exploring both production upgrades in one building (which is computationally most efficient) increases production from 24 per interval to 48, which is exactly double. For comparison, an economic building Mordor produces 37 resources at level 3 per interval, approximately 60% more.

The mine shafts produce 240 seconds before they disappear again. During this time, you generate 410 resources, minus the overseer of 250, so this is a maximum net profit of 160. Compared to the usual production of 37 resources per interval of a raw material building at level 3, this is a percentage increase of approx. 20%. In reality, the actual value is probably lower, because every second that is not distributed to the new workers and generates raw materials reduces the maximum value.

An economic building Mordor with "additional workers", which is operated with maximum efficiency, thus provides about 90% more resources than a commodity building at level 1. However, it has not yet been entered into this bill that this blocks the barracks, so strictly speaking, reduces their efficiency.

I don't want to rule out that I didn't really hit the actual values right off the bat, they're already getting a track too high. Overall, however, the differences should not be too extreme – even in the end, which is currently testing, where the basic production of the homesteads with 32 or 34 is still much higher, I have not been able to find any real accumulation of traffic. If the general rule is that Mordor has too many possibilities to spend his money sensibly (which can be), I presumably have to rework, so I would be grateful after the release about economic feedback.

Today's update is also approaching the end. Next time I will introduce the significantly revised command-point upgrade and get closer to a special business building. The next update will probably be a bit shorter than today's. For this it will take until the next update as a small compensation but also not so long.

I hope, therefore, that today's update has found pleasing, I am definitely looking forward to feedback!

Update 10.2: Management & Economy - Tributes and Vassals Edit

Have a nice day my readers!

Today I use the holiday and the only conditionally good weather to conclude the update on the economy of Mordor, by present the modified command point upgrade, on the separately edited tribute post more closely, and thereby the installation of the people of the East Be explained. Have fun reading!

The command-point upgrade:

In normal factions, the subdivision is known to be in defense, increased production and command points. Since this system is not entirely up to Mordor for obvious reasons, my subdivision now looks as follows:

-Production upgrades are now focusing more on Mordor production in general, by allowing them to produce near-offshoots more quickly, allowing production buildings to rise and otherwise actually boosting the economy.

-Defense upgrades are known to be the only changes and still serve the same purpose.

-The command point upgrade serves more logistical purposes and the support of the army, which is not even so far away from the original benefit; Finally, a larger pool of command points is inherently a support of the army. These similar areas of responsibility are of course intended.

The first set-up of the storage warehouse means that siege weapons are repaired near such a building and actually restore their HP very quickly. The advantage of the sometimes binary life system of catapults may be rather negligible, in the case of ramming already more interesting, even if these of course generally extremely low cost. A really powerful synergy, however, offers the combination with the Grond spell, as the Wolf Rammer also regenerates. Otherwise, you can actually use the bonus in team games, because Allied siege weapons are also in addition to such resource buildings heal – and not every nation has such dirt-cheap siege weapons as Mordor, Dwarf or Gondorian teammates will thank you for repairing your catapults and earth hammers!

The second expansion of the storage warehouse provides the Mordor Player with the advantage of increased mobility by 20% more quickly in close proximity to Orc Units for 10 seconds. I like to use this upgrade again and again, for example, by building a business house between two Orc Barracks, so that my troops can reach the front faster, or a settlement behind the front, so that reinforcement arrives faster. It's also fun to make his fortresses a little planning, so that you can do this with an upgrade for all Orcs (the barracks are placed correctly), so I should add the point.

Unfortunately, a problem with these upgrades is that they do not make sense for the mass application, such as the production upgrade (classic iron-processing building upgrades); tribute items have a special bond with the MdO-Summons.

I have revised the benefit accordingly so that it is thematically oriented to Mordor's vassal states; areas from which Mordor, among other things, refers to goods. I quote myself at the very beginning of the Mordor economic system:

Neither Sam nor Frodo knew anything of the great, farmlands ordered by slaves in the south of this vast country, somewhat away from the haze of the mountain, at the murky dark waters of the Núrnen Sea, or from the great roads to the south and east, on which the mercenaries of the Tower long wagon columns with supplies, goods and fresh slaves from the tributary countries. Here in the northern regions were the mines, forgings and armoury for the long prepared war...

(from "The Return of the King"; "The Land of the Shadow")

Now I had the problem that although I knew several areas whose names could appear here, Mordor does not have another great class of sufficiently similar features that do not yet have a discount: things like Morgul riders, Nazgûl insignia or deposit buildings have no discounting, but there is no logical link between them, as it would make sense to create a specific discount.

Accordingly, the price system of the tributaries differs significantly from that of other economic buildings (by the way, no novelty, see melting furnaces, Lorien-economic buildings, etc.), while the special reduction can be chosen itself, This only a very limited element Mordor reduced/improved.

In concrete terms, this is as follows: until Level 3, tributes are normal economic buildings, but do not bring any benefit. At level 3, one of a total of 4 goods can be selected and there are four to choose from

-Slaves from Harad

-Relics from Angmar

-Inventories from Rhûn

-Horses from Khând

Only one product can be chosen per tribute item and this choice remains until destruction. Depending on this, the tribute item gives a unique bonus:

-The citadel produces 50% raw materials ("slaves from Harad," cannot be improved as the only bonus)

-The armor of the ring spirits is reduced by 10%/20% ("Relics from Angmar")

-Ablegergebäude are reduced by 10%/20% ("inventories from Rhûn")

-Morgulreiter are 10%/20% cheaper ("horses from Khând")

Except for the relics, all these tributes are somewhat historically justifiable, this rather unusual tribute presumably stretches the limits of knowledge about middle-earth, as Sauron, however, according to the annexes, even takes Mythril as a tribute, which is also no everyday object, I have allowed myself this idea once.

Playfully, tribute is not a primary economic building, but it can always be worthwhile to build one or two of them if you want to get a special bonus. Against Lothlorien, a rush on Minas Morgul, for example, would be generally interesting and support this with 20% cheaper heavy cavalry, can be very advantageous against an archer people (at least it should be ^ ^).

Furthermore, in the tributes, in general, but especially with the relics, I had the opportunity to stage Mordor as the root of the evil in Middle-earth, by linking it to other dark empires. Accordingly, despite its fairly simple handling, this tribute system offers a historically new depth, which is why I like it very much.

Let us now move on to a completely different point, which is related to tribute, but which mainly appears here, so that the next update does not drown me with the sheer size: the installation of the people of the East in the Mordor Submod. These friendly journeymen are, of course, still available, but known no more about the magic book, but instead about one of Mordor basic Mechanics, "Sauron's influence."

Baiting Messenger:

To take care of Gondor until the good people of the east begin to fight once more, Gondor first practically destroys them and then be stopped by another captain/King/heir but at the last moment.

This Messenger now grants access to Mordor human minions by summoning such a camp in the target area and disappearing.

Since I have unfortunately not found a way to summon them only near a certain building, I had to choose the slightly more unpleasant way that tents do not produce anything, unless one places them next to an external economic building Mordor (important: Business buildings built on Outpost count!).

In such a camp, a troop of the human vassal Mordor can now be trained; You have the choice between a troop Haradrim javelin thrower or a troop of Rhûn soldiers. What is still important: these may look like spears, but they are swordsman! It's not that I up complaints here, how useless this unit is against cavalry.

If the squad dies, a new one can be trained, and each time you can choose between a team from Harad or Rhûn. At this point, I should mention that the people of the east are free at the moment, but they take a long time to train (two minutes). Furthermore, the camps are relatively vulnerable and since they have to be summoned to settlements, but each settlement (due to a minimum distance of the camp) can only support a limited number of tents, you can not even at a point Together. And the Bating Messenger not exactly occur in harsh quantities, should be clear.

The last thing you can do is put "Sauron's influence" on a camp, so that all the bad people get their upgrades; This bonus has only been postponed as it doesn't really make sense at the tribute.

If one takes a tribute to "Sauron's influence," immediately rides a Baiting Messenger from the Citadel every 3 minutes and remains on the battlefield for 2 minutes. The name is, of course, taken from the annexes of The Lord of the Rings, which describes how Sauron repeatedly sends his servants to the east to be there for sufficient hatred to take care of Gondor until the good people of the east begin to fight once more, Gondor first practically destroy them and then be stopped by another captain/King/heir but at the last moment.

This Messenger now grants access to Mordor human minions by summoning such a camp in the target area and disappearing.

Since I have unfortunately not found a way to summon them only near a certain building, I had to choose the slightly more unpleasant way that tents do not produce anything, unless one places them next to an external economic building Mordor (important: Business buildings built on Outpost count!).

In such a camp, a troop of the human vassal Mordor can now be trained; You have the choice between a troop Haradrim javelin thrower or a troop of Rhûn soldiers. What is still important: these may look like spears, but they are swordsman! It's not that I up complaints here, how useless this unit is against cavalry.

If the squad dies, a new one can be trained, and each time you can choose between a team from Harad or Rhûn. At this point, I should mention that the people of the east are free at the moment, but they take a long time to train (two minutes). Furthermore, the camps are relatively vulnerable and since they have to be summoned to settlements, but each settlement (due to a minimum distance of the camp) can only support a limited number of tents, you cannot even at a point together. And the Baiting Messenger not exactly occur in harsh quantities, should be clear.

The last thing you can do is put "Sauron's influence" on a camp, so that all the bad people get their upgrades; this bonus has only been postponed as it doesn't really make sense at the tribute.