"Murin and Drar are two exceptions to this rule, having travelled far and wide beyond their home in the Iron Hills."
Games Workshop

Recruit Drar's Wandering buddy, Murin, leader of the vanguard of Dáin Ironfoot's army.

Abilities Edit

Level 1: Two Wanderers - Requires Murin and Drar be on the battle field at the same time. Drar and Murin are inseparable and have a great friendship. They have seen many cultures and have learned much in their many travels together, and work well as a team. While both Drar and Murin are alive on the battlefield, they each gain +25% damage.

Level 1: Shield Rush - Murin raises his shield and charges his foes relentlessly. While charging, he knocks back enemies, deals increased damage, cannot be knocked back, and has greater resistance to ranged attacks.

Level 5: Charge of the Iron Hills - Murin orders some ram riders to charge through the enemy ranks, knocking back any that stand in their way.

Level 8: War Cry - Murin lets forth a great war cry, causing enemies to flee in terror.

Upgrades Edit

The Murin can be given the following upgrades:

Mithril upgrade Veterans Required: Mithril Coat - Requires some veterans to be sent into a Dwarven Forge. Dwarven heroes will then have the ability to purchase the Mithril Mail upgrade for 500 resources. The Mithril Mail gives Dwarven heroes extreme resistance to all damage.

Strategy Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Both him and Drar are originally based in the Games Workshop LOTR Strategy Game characters with the same name. They are the only heroes from the Games Workshop. Their model and design is completely made by the Edain Team, though.

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