"The Orcs of Mordor have no love of daylight."

The free Orc Warriors have and will always be the key feature of the Mordor faction. They are the basic swordsmen of Mordor and weakest among all Swordsmen, available for free in the Barracks/Orc Tents. An experienced player can take the win with a brutal Orc spam that targets key points of the enemy early on in the game. Later on, they become simple meatshields while new troops are introduced in the late game to deal the damage. The various boosts that can be given to them make them quite a force to be reckoned with. However, Mass Slayer Heroes will make quick work of them. A recent patch has weakened them further and therefore they must be strongly supported by other troops in order achieve victory.

Abilities Edit

Bloodthirsty Bloodthirst - The battalion destroys a nearby friendly troop of Orc Warriors and gains some experience.

Crack the whip Crack the Whip (with Orc Overseer) - For 30 seconds deal twice the damage against melee units but lose 25% armor

Mordor Orcs

Mordor Orcs march to the Black Gate where the Men of the West will make their final stand in the film The Return of the King.

Upgrades Edit

The Orc Warriors can be given the following upgrades:

Evil Banner Carrier Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units.

Orc overseer upgrade Orc Overseer - If paired with an orc overseer they will gain bonuses and the ability Crack the Whip

Strategy Edit

Orc Warriors come in battalions of 10 units (11 including the banner carrier) with X health. Their roles is that of the Swordsmen which means that they are effective against Pikemen but can be more easily trampled by Cavalry. Their training time is slightly longer than that of the average Swordsmen. They are weaker than average Swordsmen and for that reason tend to lose fight when their numbers are matched. Orc Warriors cannot be used on their own to win a battle they must be paired with some other unit, hero or power of Mordor. If in sufficient numbers they can be paired (early game) with troops from Cirith Ungol in charge of dealing out the damage while the Orc Warriors absorb the inflicted damage. They can also be paired with one of the Nazguls (excluding Khamul since he has no unit debuff) in combination with their Dread Visage to debuff nearby troops bring them down to the level of the Orc Warriors. It is also possible to buff the Orc Warriors using the various powers offered by the Spellbook and the heroes. For example, once level 4 Gothmog gives a Armor and Damage bonus, however early game it might be preferable to combine spells from the spellbook such as Tainted Land (+25% Armor) and the Eye of Sauron (+30% Damage and negates enemy leaderships). Once the Mordor Barracks is under Sauron's Influence it is possible to train Orc Overseers and to pair them with the Orc Warriors to gain +50% damage and armor and the ability Crack the Whip (twice the damage against melee units but -25% Armor). In summary, Orc Warriors will be defeated unless they are supported by other troops in charge of dealing the damage or spells to strengthen them. Since they are free they cannot be discounted, although other orcs can receive a discount from Slave Camps.

Quotes Edit

Falling In

"Ah, a new horde of orcs!"



"Pipe down, you maggots!"

"Be ready!"

"Get ready for fightin'!"


"Over here!"

"We're not stoppin' here!"

"Come on!"

Attacking Units



"There they are!"

"Stick 'em!"


"Crack their pretty skulls!"

"Drive them into the ground!"

"Rip them apart!"

Attacking Buildings

"Burn it!"

"Bury the place!"

"Tear it down!"

Selected while fighting

"We'll take care of 'em!"

"Destroy them all!"

"There'll be none left!"

"We're almost finished with these!"

"Let's get rid of 'em!"

Full Retreat

"We're going back!"

"Ya useless drips! Back to the camp!"

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