The Rohan Captain is a special unit which can be upgraded with various elite units to adapt to the whatever the situation calls for. They are the elite infantry and cavalry of Rohan,. They can also mount a horse without upgrading, but on their own they are mostly a waste of money as they lack hero-like stats and cannot rely on numbers (think of them as a weaker version of Merry or Pippin minus the abilities). As opposed to the similarly set-up Marshals such as Elfhelm, the Rohan Captain starts at level 1. They can be recruited once the Exile Camp has been upgraded to the King's Camp.

Abilities/Formations Edit

Captain mount Stable: Mount/Dismount - Left click to travel by horse or by foot.

Rohan captain passive Rohan Captain - The Rohan Captain leads his men into battle and replenishes fallen members. (Passive ability)

Line breakers Soldiers of Meduseld: Line Breakers - The Soldiers of Meduseld gain +30% damage and armor while fighting enemy pikemen.

Formation C Wardens of Meduseld: Porcupine Formation - The battalion forms a circle with pikes extended to stop cavalry.

Meduseld's bravest Knights of Meduseld: Meduseld's Bravest - The Knights of Meduseld gain +50% armor against all melee units except pikemen for 30 seconds.

Upgrades Edit

The Rohan Captain can be given one of the following upgrades:

Captain soldiers Soldiers of Meduseld - Call a battalion of Soldiers of Meduseld to serve as elite Swordsmen.

Captain wardens Wardens of Meduseld - Call a battalion of Wardens of Medused to serve as elite Pikemen.

Captain cavalry Knights of Meduseld - Call a battalion of Knights of Meduseld to serve as elite Cavalry.

Once a battalion listed above is chosen, a new series of upgrades become available which can be all purchased (Horse Shield is only available if the Knights of Meduseld were chosen). The Rohan Captain can be given the following upgrades:

Rohan heavy armor Heavy Armor - Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit

Rohan forged blades Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion against:

Horse shields upgrade Horse Shield - Increases armor of the battalion against Pikemen by 25% and armor against Swordsmen by 50%.

Strategy Edit

The strategy you use with them depends on the situation, for example, what faction you are up against, this is due to their special use of 3 different Upgrades which give them 3 different kinds of elite units. The Cavalry could be used for spammy factions or factions with many archers, the Swordsmen to counter enemy Pikemen or the Pikemen for Cavalry based Factions like Rohan..