"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo. A promise. Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee. And I don't mean to. I don't mean to."
Samwise Gamgee

Recruit a brave hobbit, Frodo's companion Samwise Gamgee. Like Frodo, Sam can be recruited from Citadel only when Galadriel receives the One Ring and rejects it.

Abilities Edit

Merry rocks2Merry swordLevel 1: Alternate Weapon - switch between throwing rocks and close melee attack.

Sam elven cloakLevel 1: Elven Cloak - Becomes invisible when standing still.

Sam frying panLevel 1: Frying Pan - Sam bashes an enemy with his frying pan.

Sam golden wood seeds abilityLevel 1: Seed of the Golden Wood (requires Gifts of Lorien) - Creates a build plot which can be used to make a Mallorn Tree. If the build plot is not used in 2 minutes it will disappear. (Only 3 of these build plots may be used at once)

For frodo abilityLevel 5: For Frodo - Sam will temporarily gain double damage and +50% armor.

Upgrades Edit

Sam can receive only one upgrade:

Galadriels gifts Gifts of Lorien - Sam receives Mallorn seeds of the Golden Wood, providing build plots for Lothlórien.

This upgrade can be applied to him through Galadriel's ability Gifts of Lorien.

Strategy Edit

Sam and Frodo can be used mostly for scouting and supporting. His greatest ability may be Seed of the Golden Wood which provides Mallorn build plots for Lothlórien almost anywhere on the map. To increase his durability on the battlefield you should use his last ability For Frodo.

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