"Tell me, 'friend', when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for madness?!"

Saruman the White, leader of the Istari, takes up a central role in Isengard. He can march directly in battle casting powerful abilities or enter his tower (citadel) and overlook his armies and lands around.

As a Ring Hero, he will randomly become either Blessed or Cursed, gaining new abilities.

Abilities Edit

Saruman has a unique system of abilities. He can cast abilities normally like other heroes or he can enter the citadel to cast abilities from there. He has the same set of abilities on the battlefield as when he is on the Wizard's Tower but with different effects. If Saruman uses his Wizard Blast on the ground and then enters the Wizard's Tower, he will not be able use the Wizard Blast again but must wait until the reload time is over. Similarly, if Saruman uses his Fireball on the tower, he will have to wait for the cool-down even when he leaves it and wants to use another Fireball back on the ground. Every ability is linked this way so you really have to decide how to use them instead of trying to use them in both ways.

Ground Edit

Level 1: Wizard Blast Close range attack that blasts back enemies

Level 3: Power of Speech Saruman's voice increases the experience of all target units

Level 5: Fireball Throws a ball of fire at his enemies

Level 7: Wormtongue The White Wizard blinds his foes with his words and convinces them to fight for you for a time.

Level 10: Thunderbolt The Lord of Isengard calls down a single powerful lightning bolt on target enemy, dealing high damage and paralyzing them for a short time

Tower Edit

Level 1: Wizard Blast Saruman throws all enemies in target area into the air.

Level 3: Power of Speech Saruman's voice increases the training speed of the chosen building for a short period of time, this helps if you lost some units and need to replace them quickly as Isengard builds units somewhat slowly.

Level 5: Fireball Throws a ball of fire at his enemies. This Fireball deals less area damage than the one used on the ground, but it is more effective against single targets.

Level 7: Wormtongue The White Wizard tries to manipulate his enemies with his words with three different random outcomes:

  • 1. The enemies of Isengard won't get manipulated (failure)
  • 2. All enemy troops in the target area start to attack each other (success)
  • 3. All enemy troops and heroes in the target area start to attack each other (total success)

Level 10: Thunderbolt Saruman conjures enormous thunderclouds which spread lightning bolts over his enemies, dealing low damage to a large number of foes. However, the storm is less powerful against single targets.

Ring Mechanics Edit

"The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machinery of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orcs."

If Saruman obtains the Ring he will become either of two forms at random: Saruman the Cursed or Saruman the Blessed. (There are rumors of a third form but it has only ever been confirmed once and never has it been written down on paper.)

Saruman the Blessed Edit

As Saruman the Blessed he will become lordly, alike to the power of the Valar, and gain powers of Lightning and Air magic, as well as infantry support skills.
Saruman the blessed1

Saruman the Blessed

Abilities Edit

Level 1: Dignified Presence Saruman uses the One Ring to increase his power, changing his appearance to resemble the might and dignity of the Valar. His attack is now a powerful ranged lightning bolt, and all nearby allies gain double damage, armor, and experience. (Passive ability)

Level 1: Power of Grace Saruman uses the power of the One Ring to enhance his power. Selected allied troops will receive high experience and for a short time get 300% armor, +15% speed and magic resistance. Left click on icon then left click on target. 

Level 5: Burning Sky The Blessed One turns the heavens to flame. Units in the target area are burned. Left click on the desired target area.

Level 7: Cunning Words  The White Wizard blinds his foes with whispering and insinuation. Units in the target area are permanently under his control. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Level 10: Thunderstorm  Saruman uses the One Ring to control the elements, conjuring a terrible thunderstorm. The lightning storm will strike allies and enemies alike across the battlefield as long as Saruman remains immobile. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Saruman the Cursed Edit

As Saruman the Cursed he will become twisted and dark, gaining powerful Fire magic and structural support skills.

Abilities Edit

Saruman the cursed movie

Saruman the Cursed

Level 1: Command of the Cursed The White Wizard commands his troops to attack. For a short time, nearby allies gain +300% attack, +15% speed and are resistant to fire. Left click to activate.

Level 3: Industrial Obsession Saruman uses the One Ring to enhance his power. Selected buildings will receive high amounts of experience. In addition, recruitment buildings will produce units four times faster, and farm buildings will produce four times as much resources. Left click on icon then left click on target.

Level 5: Burning Earth The Cursed One turns the ground to flame. Units in the target area are burned. Left click on the desired target area.

Level 7: Cunning Words The White Wizard blinds his foes with whispering and insinuation. Units in the target area are permanently under his control. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Level 10: Firestorm In his madness, Saruman makes his foes perish in a firestorm. Left click on target area.

Upgrades Edit

Saruman of Many Colors: Saruman gains +50% magic damage and -25% recharge time on skills. (Spellbook - 2pp)

Strategy Edit

Saruman is Isengard's central hero, a very powerful Istari wizard with a great array of magic spells. Although he does not have as much health and damage as Gandalf, his skills make more of an impact on the battlefield. In Non-ring form he has a slow basic attack which knocks back, with his staff. However, refrain from bringing him into open combat as he has low health and can be killed quickly. It is better to keep him behind enemy lines and blast the opponent away with magic spells. Saruman can enter the wizard's tower with varying effects: He arguably does his job better with his new abilities but is immobile and does not have as much control over his spells.

As Saruman the Blessed, he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, becoming extremely powerful, second only to perhaps Lord Sauron Himself. He gains a gigantic damage boost with his lightning bolt, with a certainty of knock back (even against heroes) making him almost unkillable, except perhaps by the dark lord who is passively immune to knockback and has tons of health and damage. If he's with his army then behold- Isengard's devastating upgraded uruk army becomes even more powerful, and can be stopped by NOTHING. To top it all off, he gets perhaps the most powerful ability in the game (for mass destruction) as his level 10- he'll summon a GIGANTIC thunderstorm which WON'T STOP unless he is moved, Knocking back everything, preventing any attack. This can easily destroy a fortress (or two in immediate vicinity) without any troubles (unless there are tons of towers which can also be destroyed quickly). If concentrated on a single target as tanky as the Witch King, this will kill him instanty. So Saruman OP.

As Cursed he won't become nearly as powerful, gaining a great damage boost (his basic is now like his ability fireball) but no knockback and so can be gotten rid of. He is perhaps better for a structural build due to his support skills and his firestorm, though powerful, is not nearly as devastating as thunderstorm because it's simply a few balls of fire from his staff that deal a lot of damage and that's it. So consider yourself luckier if blessed than cursed.

P.S. This is not a morality lesson. Morality and Christopher Lee's roles are as far apart as possible.

Quotes Edit


"You've been busy of late..."


"Is that why you have not come here for, my friend?"

"Gandalf the White... Gandalf the fool!"

"I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks!"

"So you have come here for information... I have some for you."

"Build a dam, block the stream, work the furnaces night and day."

"... The world is changing..."

"Smoke rises from the Mountain of Doom... The hour grows late..."

"Rohan, My Lord... is ready to fall."


"The forest of Fangorn lies on our doorstep..."

"... And if that fails... Where then will you go?"

"I do not feel like I could condone such a quest."

"That's absurd."

"The forests will fall..."


"Too long have these peasants stood against you... but no more."

"Let me guess. The key to Orthanc... as well as the keys to Barad Dur itself... Along with the crowns of the seven kings, and the rods of the five wizards!"

"Burn it!"

"So you have chosen... Death..."

" But you have elected the way of pain! "

"Save your pity and your mercy; I have no use for it!" (Fireball Power)

"Rip them all down..."


"Can there still be peace between us?"

Receives the One Ring

"Who now has the power to withstand the might of Isengard...?"

"Saruman of Many Colors" is purchased in the spellbook

"The power of Isengard is under your command... Sauron... Lord of the Earth..."

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