"All right, let's get this done. Send in the Goats!"
Dáin Ironfoot

The Scout of the Iron Hills is a lone Ram Rider which is excellent for exploring the map, taking the role of the Scout hero that other factions have. His major asset is his speed. While the Scout is able to attack enemy units, don't expect him to survive long. The Scout can be upgraded to a troop of Ram Riders, the Iron Hills' elite cavalry unit, once Narin has been recruited. Only three scouts can be on the battlefield at the same time.

Abilities Edit

Ram iron hills Scouts of the Iron Hills - The Scouts of the Iron Hills have great vision radius and reveal hidden enemies. (Passive ability)

Upgrades Edit

Ram riders of the iron hills Ram Riders of the Iron Hills - The scout calls and commands a troop of Ram Riders. Narin must be on the battlefield before this upgrade can be purchased.

Ram Riders of the Iron Hills Edit

The Ram Riders of the Iron Hills are the upgraded version of the Scouts. They keep the vision range of the Scouts and gain the ability to become a force to be reckoned with. They can be equipped with Forged Blades and Heavy Armor to increase their durability in battle.


Ram Riders charging into battle in the Battle of the Five Armies movie.

Abilities Edit

Ram iron hills Ram Riders of the Iron Hills - The scout leads a troop of Ram Riders with high vision range. (Passive ability)

Take on their horns Take On Their Horns - Enemies who get trampled by the Ram Riders do 40% less damage for 10 seconds. Pikemen do 20% less. (Passive ability)

Upgrades Edit

The Scout of the Iron Hills (Ram Riders) can be given the following upgrades:

Forged blades dwarves Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion against:

Heavy armor dwarves Heavy Armor - Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit

Strategy Edit

The Ram Riders are good at scouting the map and are pretty cheap and fast to get. They are useful for early scouting and getting settlements and outposts quickly, but don't forget to get Narin, once you have him they can be upgraded to be a battalion and once done they are the elite cavalry unit of Iron Hills. After they get upgraded they become a fast and strong cavalry unit.  

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