This page is made to share your favorite/strongest custom heroes. You can show off your heroes and make it that it is all centralized. Please don't forget to follow the guidelines. More to come....

Share your Hero Edit

Hero Killer Man Edit

Hero Killer Man, I named him like this because it was easier to identify him then, specializes in hero killing. He can target with pinpoint accuracy a hero in the middle of a fray. His multiple abilities and sats allow to tank an enemy hero, even slowing him down with cripple strike and stopping him from escaping with spear throw. His weakness however is that he levels up quite slowly and doesn't have much vision, this will render me useless in ranged combat as tracking down the bowman will take ages and, will also, force the player to actively train him so that he gains experience faster to cope with the low wisdom stats. All the abilities and stats are described here

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