The Siege Workshop is where Gondor and Arnor's machinery of war is assembled, roofed battering rams and trebuchets loaded with salvaged rubble. The units are the same for both Gondor and Arnor.

Level Up Upgrades Edit

Gondor upgrade Upgrade Building to Level 2 - Increases training speed by 20%, gives +1500 HP; grants level 2 (cost: 400)

Gondor upgrade Upgrade Building to Level 3 - Increases training speed by 30%, gives +1500 HP; grants level 3 (cost: 600)

Function Edit

This structure produces the following units:

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Battering Ram (Arnor/Gondor) Melee Siege 500 30 Gates, Buildings Y
Trebuchet Ranged Siege 700 60 Buildings X
upcoming: Siege Shield Support Siege / / Arrow Fire /

The Siege Workshop also contains the following research which once purchased can then be bought by trebuchets:

Fire stones upgrade Fire Stones - increases the damage done to units and buildings. Catapults also become able to damage garrisoned units.

  • Cost: 800
  • Requires Level 3

Strategy Edit