The Edain mod doesn't only add on to ROTWK but reworks it completely keeping only to core of the core game. It has reworked every aspect of the game expanding, changing and recreating it to an unbelievable extent. Some die-hard fans even consider it to be the third installment of the BFME games. Listed below are the major reworks done by the Edain Team on the game:

Sections of the WikiEdit

Installation Edit

This page serves as a first step to getting Edain Mod all set up from downloading the mod to installing it.

Edain Mod Launcher Edit

This page explains every feature of the launcher once the game is installed.

Factions of Edain Mod Edit

The factions of Edain Mod including all the semi-playable factions and the upcoming factions.

Multiplayer Edit

Edain Mod is fully multiplayer compatible as long as each player as an identical version of Edain with or without submods. The main method of playing online is tunngle but other exist such as game ranger.

Create A Hero Edit

Since Edain Mod Version 4.0 you can create your own hero again. Here you can find everything about creating a hero.

Eastereggs Edit

There are many so called Eastereggs hidden in the different versions of Edain Mod. Some of them are found and shared in riddles and poems. Please bethink writting a comment, every clear tutorial "how to find an easteregg" will be deleted immediately. While this may seem harsh it is the wish of the Edain-Team that the Eastereggs be up to the players to find, here you will find a collection of the poems and riddles that might lead you to finding a new Easteregg.

Upgrades Edit

This page contains all the upgrades for every faction and is divided into two key sections: Mod-Wide Upgrades and Faction Specific Upgrades which separate the upgrades have in common and those they don't.

Fan Created Content Edit

Here fans of the mod can post their creation so that it may be remembered for ever and ever. As of now it includes only maps and submods but other will follow if needed. Just post the name of your submod/map along with a short summary that links to another page where you explain everything in detail. There is a specific infobox for custom maps.

Help SectionEdit

Here you can get tips on editing the wiki along with various tools that will allow you to make each page look great. Make sure to pass by the Editing Etiquette Board to have a look at how things are done or simply to give your opinion. 

YouTube Edit

Below are seen the various channels that produce Edain videos and on which you can go have a look and find channels of all people that do Edain video, new channels will be checked to make sure Youtubers truly produces Edain videos.


A good youtuber that produces many videos of Edain that ranges from standard battles, to fun "experiments". Occasionally Edain may grant him a beta version to showcase before a release.

Edain Channel

The Edain Channel is the first channel to present Edain videos, they have all the video content that is posted on Moddb and Modding-union plus some game-play in German and English.

Elite Kryptik

Elite Kryptik is a Beta Tester which worked with the Edain Team to translate the game into English. He now has a youtube channel on which he uploads Edain Mod content including competitive matches, faction tutorials, beta content and map showcases as much as possible in addition to other games.

Edain Team Edit


Edain Team IRL (almost)

The Edain team is composed of all the people that have worked hard and spent time and effort bringing this mod. This page is dedicated to presenting every single one of them and this wiki is a tribute to what they have accomplished. They have worked endlessly on this mod gaining more and more popularity until they finally reached the rightful place of Mod of the Year on Moddb.

Previous Version Edit

The previous version are here if you wish to download, however neither the team nor this wiki provides official support for any of the previous versions to 4.0 Demo. This is purely for entertaining purposes and, in addition to not providing no support, the team will accept no suggestions to modifications that should be made to the mod. This versions may have bugs or may even be incompatible, any installation of a version is at your own risk and perils. Here is a video to have both 4.0 and 3.8.1 at the same time

Edain 3.8.1: Link

Edain 3.7.5: Link

Edain 3.7.1: Link

Edain 3.6.1: Link

Edain 3.6: Link

Edain 3.4: Link

Edain 2.1: Link

Other Wikis Edit

If you wish to create another language version of the wiki please make sure to use the following format of "" where "xx" is the language in which you wish the version to be in. E.g. for french, for the spanish and so on. Below are listed the ongoing wikis, keep in mind that they are not a direct translation and therefore may differ in format or information provided.

German Wiki: The German Wiki was the initial project of an Edain Mod Wiki which then sprouted the idea of an English Edain Mod Wiki. Obviously from this point on the idea would be to translate it into as many languages as possible. However as far as the mod goes, only german and english are official, although there is an unofficial patch for a french translation.

French Wiki: The French wiki is an ongoing, very recent, looking to expand further the barriers of language by giving the french-speaking players a wiki to go along with the unofficial translation. You can download the unofficial translation here.To change the language simply replace the englishpatch201.big with the one downloaded. Best to make a backup since the only way to download the english patch is through reinstalling the mod.

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