"He was strong in life. His spirit will find its way to the halls of your fathers."

Recruit the son of the King of Rohan, Second Marshal of the Riddermark. Théodred was fatally wounded at the Fords of Isen as he battled the hosts of Isengard. He died shortly after in Edoras, the sole heir of Théoden. He was the cousin of Eomer and Eowyn.

Abilities Edit

Rohan heroes mountLevel 1: Mount/Dismount - Théodred mounts or dismounts his horse. Requires a Rohan Stable.

Level 1: Guard Post - Théodred orders a Guard Post to be built to protect Rohan's borders. The summoned Guard Post shoots arrows and can be garrisoned with one battalion; this battalion will be healed inside if hurt and is able to shoot from within.

Theodred repair work abilityLevel 3: Repair Work - Repairs all buildings in a wide radius around target Guard Post.

Level 5: Garrison of Meduseld - Mans a Guard Post with Spear Throwers of Meduseld and increases its armor by 50%.

Theodred riddermark defence abilityLevel 10: Defence of the Riddermark - Théodred mobilizes all forces to throw back the enemy. For 30 seconds he gains +100% damage, +20% movement speed, and cannot be knocked down. All Guard Posts on the battlefield are defended by additional Meduseld units for the ability's duration. All Guard Posts can now research fire arrows.

UPCOMING 4.5 Re-Worked Abilities Edit

Théodred, like in the previous versions of the mod, has 3 unique stances, each with different effects that reinforce him in his role as a siege hero. Armed with an axe, he deals more damage to buildings, but he can also take up his shield to be protected against arrows fired from buildings when he has to retreat.

  • Axe Stance - Théodred arms himself with an axe, in addition to his sword, which raises his attack damage against buildings by 50%. In return, Théodred loses 20% of his armor. Enemies in sight are automatically attacked.
  • Sword Stance - Théodred uses his dexterity and endurance to fight. He solely relies on his sword. Enemies in a medium range are attacked automatically.
  • Shield Stance - Théodred arms himself with a shield, which protects him against arrows fired from buildings. In return, he loses 20% of his damage. Enemies are not automatically attacked.

Level 1: Mount/Dismount - Théodred mounts or dismounts his horse. Requires a Rohan Stable.

Level 1: Attack Post - Théodred orders an Attack Post to be built to fight Rohan's enemies. The Attack Post sends out attack teams which engage enemy buildings.

Level 4: Siege Garrison - Théodred mans an Attack Post with a siege team. The Attack Post can now train Hay Wagons and Pitch Throwers.

Level 6: Repair Work - Théodred orders the repair of all siege engines near an Attack Post. All siege engines near the Attack Post will be permanently repaired and have double armor.

Level 10: Defense of the Riddermark - Théodred mobilizes all forces to throw back the enemy. For 30 seconds he and nearby siege engines gain +50% damage, +20% movement speed and cannot be knocked down.

Upgrades Edit

No Upgrades
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.

Strategy Edit

Théodred is quite an unique support Hero. He is centered around a building called Guard Post that he can summon at level 1 with the ability Guard Post. This building can shoot arrows and be garrisoned with an battalion that will be healed and will also be able to shoot. This ability is useful for protecting settlements and the main choke-points of the map. At level 3, he gains Repair Work, an ability that repairs all buildings in a wide range around the targeted Guard Post. This can be useful to repair settlements that might have been attacked by the enemy, or even regular buildings if you put a Guard Post near your base. At level 5, he is able to man the Guard Post with the Garrison of Meduseld, that will protect the building and give it 50% more armor, making it able to resist the hordes of the enemy in a better way. At level 10, he unlocks Defense of the Riddermark, an ability that makes him deal double damage, be faster, and that makes him impossible to be knocked down. Aside from that, the Guard Posts will be even more protected.

  • Theodred's summonable Guard Post + Garrison of Meduseld

Overall, Théodred is a really good Support Hero. The Guard Post has lots of utilities, ranging from settlements and choke-point protection to repairing buildings and even healing units. He is sure worth his cost.

Trivia Edit

  • Théodred is voiced by William Wallace (Mel Gibson), the main protagonist of the movie Braveheart.