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Unfortunately, the support and the production of the game Battle for Middle Earth 2 and its Addons have stopped. This also includes online features, such as the games server. For this reason, and problems with the Hamachi service an alternative was sought in order to offer an online gaming  experience. Online games and tournaments are now running over Tunngle. Within Tunngle there is a network called "Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Edain Mod", where the user of the mods (among other Edain Mod hit) for games. Tunngle has a chat functions that let's you talk with others.
Edain Launcher3

Installation Instructions for TunngleEdit

1. Download the program Tunngle (Link)

2. Install it by following the installation instructions. At the end you have to reboot your PC.

3. To log in you must have an account. To create an account follow this Link .

4. Once you have registered, you will receive an email which you must confirm by clicking on the link.

5. With the name and password of the account you just created now you can log into the program. We recommend in this case check "Save" and set to "Auto Logon". This facilitates login later.

6. a) In rare cases, there appears to be problems with the firewall, it must allow Tunngle. b) Apparently  Hamachi is sometimes the problems. Please uninstall or disable the adapter Hamachi.

7. It now opens the Tunngle window, there you type at the top left in the network search "Edain".

8. It finds a network: "Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Edain Mod", on this you make a right click and add it to your bookmarks. From there you can select it by clicking (favorites) on the star.

9. By double-clicking you can now join the network. A chat window will open. In this, you can  make an appointment for a game, for yourself, and it will be added with all the others. Right you see the list of all users who are still on the network.

10. If you have spotted someone with a game, you start both your game and select the Multiplayer Menu "Network".

11. Here now created a game and / the other / s may Join.

Behavior in TunngleEdit

These are not rules, but compliance is desirable to a friendly atmosphere between the players:

1. Insults against other users are not desirable.

2. Advertisements for commercial purposes are not welcome.

3. Disturbing permanent spam is very annoying, please refrain.

4. Political statements shall be omitted

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