"I don't trust you little swine. You've no guts outside your own sties. But for us you'd all have run away. We are the fighting Uruk-hai! We slew the great warrior. We took the prisoners. We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, the White Hand: the Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat. We came out of Isengard, and led you here, and we shall lead you back by the way we choose. I am Uglúk. I have spoken."

Ugluk was one of the captains of the Uruk-Hai. He was killed by Eomer in one-on-one combat after his Uruks were ambushed by Eomer's Riders of Rohan. The Uruks had been on their way to Isengard with their hobbit captives, Merry and Pippin.

With Ugluk on the battlefield, Isengard Scouts can receive the Shields upgrade, which equips the Scouts with shields. They gain +50% damage resistance against all elemental, magical, and ranged attacks. Additionally, for 3 seconds, the attacks of the Scouts reduce the damage of enemy units by 50%, enemy heroes by 25%.

Abilities Edit

Level 1: Dark Medicine - Ugluk gives dark medicine to his Uruk-Hai. Uruks in the target area are healed by 50% of their hit points.

Level 2: Hard March - Ugluk senses the enemy, driving his Uruk-Hai faster. Ugluk and nearby allied Uruk-Hai temporarily gain +25% speed.

Level 4: Bloodthirstiness - Ugluk feasts on the blood of his enemies. He gains life points equivalent to the damage he inflicts on enemies.

Level 6: Leader of the Uruk-Hai - Ugluk is the greatest and most powerful of the Uruks and is known for killing those he deems to be too weak. Nearby Uruks gain +25% armor. (Passive ability)

Level 10: Call From the Dungeons - Summons Mauhur and several elite scouts to the battlefield. Mauhur is an elite scout who excels at taking down heroes. He also has the ability to reveal a large area around him.

Upgrades Edit

No Upgrades
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.

Strategy Edit

Ugluk is an excellent choice for improving the strength of the Uruk-hai, as the majority of his abilities involve increasing the speed and armor of nearby soldiers. He can also heal himself and others with his other powers, and summon extra warriors to battle or scout when needed. On his own, Ugluk can also stand his ground effectively with his large health pool and regenerative abilities. This doesn't make him a tank hero though, so it's better to surround him with soldiers wherever he goes, lest a hero-killer or a monster take him down.

Quotes Edit

"Here, Kitty!"

"They've picked up our trail."

"We will deliver them."

"They are not for eating."

"Give them some medicine, boys!"

"I don't take orders from Orc maggots."


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