"A Berserker can suffer a blow that would slay an ordinary Uruk-hai without even flinching - they feel no pain and have no desire other than the destruction of their enemies."
WETA Workshop

The Berserkers were even larger, more ferocious versions of the Uruk-hai; they were the most powerful members of Saruman's army. It is said that, before battle, their helmets were filled with blood. The smell drove them into a blood frenzy and they had no concern for personal safety. They are the strongest Uruks of Isengard and have the ability to detonate Explosive Mines.

Uruk-Hai Berserker

Berserker preparing to detonate Explosive Mine in the Two Towers movie

Abilities Edit

Ignite torch Light Torch / Extinguish torch Extinguish Torch - Used to detonate explosive mines.

Butcher Butcher - The Beserker deals higher damage against enemies without heavy armor. When equipped with Forged Blades, he instead deals higher damage against enemies with heavy armor. (Passive ability)

While not a clearly stated ability, the Uruk Berserker can also be combined with a Siege Ladder before they are set against walls. The Berserker will climb to the top of the ladder where he will remain until the ladder is positioned against a castle wall. Only then will the Berserker leave the ladder. This can be a useful strategy for clearing an enemy castle wall of archers and allow other infantry to climb the ladder in peace. If the ladder is destroyed while a Berserker is riding it, the Berserker will die as well.

Upgrades Edit

The Uruk Berserker can be given the following upgrade:

Forged Blades Evil Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion against:

The Forged Blades upgrade can be made even more effective by researching the appropriate upgrade at Isengard's unique Outpost expansion, the Steelworks.

Strategy Edit

Uruk Berserkers are a late-game unit that can be recruited from a Level 3 Uruk Pit. Similarly to the Beornings , they should be used to support the other Uruk-hai. They have powerful attacks, allowing them to do high damage to the enemy. They can also be used to light the Explosive Mines , potentially causing an end to the enemy base. However, Berserkers can be targeted and killed easily with their low health. Therefore, they need a meat shield of other units to cover them. Then, in battle, use small groups of them to strike at key points in the enemy forces (like heroes). They shouldn't be used against archers or cavalry as the range and trample of these units can be used to kill the Berserkers before they can do anything. Overall, Uruk Berserkers need to microed carefully, but can be a deadly weapon in the hands of the right player.

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