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"I looked on it and saw that, whereas it had once been green and fair, it was now filled with pits and forges. Wolves and orcs were housed in Isengard, for Saruman was mustering a great force on his own account..."
Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Uruk Pit is where the foul and deadly servants of Isengard are created, the powerful Uruk-hai.

Level Up Upgrades Edit

The Uruk Pit, Warg Pit, and Siege Works can all be leveled up at the same time by purchasing the following upgrades at any of the three structures:

Machinery of war Machinery of War Level 2 - Grants level 2; gives +1500 HP and +20% build speed; unlocks new units or upgrades

Machinery of war Machinery of War Level 3 - Grants level 3; gives +1500 HP and +30% build speed; unlocks new units or upgrades

Function Edit

Unit Production Edit

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Isengard Scouts Swordsmen/Bowmen (level 2) 250 90 Situational Y
Uruk-hai Warriors Swordsmen 300 60 Pikemen X
Uruk Crossbowmen Archers 400 90 At range C
Uruk Pikemen Pikemen 400 60 Cavalry V
Shield Uruks Swordsmen 500 30 Protecting Allies B
Uruk Berserker Elite Single Swordsman 300 45 Swordsmen and Pikemen N

Strategy Edit

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