"When at last the battle was won the Dwarves that were left gathered in Azanulbizar [Moria]. ... Barely half of their number, it is said, could still stand or had hope of healing. None the less in the morning Thráin stood before them. He had one eye blinded beyond cure, and he was halt with leg-wound; but he said: 'Good! We have the victory. Khazad-dûm is ours!'"
Appendix A, The Lord of the Rings

These heroic units are the elite troops of each Dwarven subfaction. After having gone through the deep pits of Moria and having survived the goblins, trolls and other atrocities of the mines, they come back clad in armor of old and ready to fight to the bitter end for their faction. They are recruited by merging each faction's elite infantry with a pack of horses produced by a Travel Camp (built on settlements). They can serve Erebor (Arkenguard), Iron Hills (Ironbreakers) or Ered Luin (The Unburnt) depending on the chosen faction.

Abilities Edit

Process mithril Process Mithril - Enter a forge with the Veterans to enable it to process Mithril. After they have entered, the Veterans stay inside the forge and allow dwarven heroes (including Bilbo) to buy Mithril shirts. This greatly increases their defense. (Passive ability)

Stone wall Level 3: Stone Wall - The veterans become immune to knock-back and trampling for a short duration but move much slower. They also slow down cavalry much more.

Death wish Level 7: Death Wish - The veterans cause +75% damage but lose 25% armor.

Upgrades Edit

The Veterans can be upgraded with two sets of upgrades; first they can be upgraded with one of the following:

  • Veterans axe Axe: Damage towards standard units increases
  • Veterans hammer Hammer: Damage towards buildings increases
  • Veterans morning star Morning Star: Damage towards armored units increases
  • Veterans sword Sword: Damage towards heroes increases

Then they can be upgraded with one of the following:

  • Veterans shield Shield: Increases armor
  • Veterans additional axe Additional Axe: Increases damage

Strategy Edit

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