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The Vinyard Paladins are the heroic cavalry unit of Dorwinion. They are heroic unit that can preform well in every situation, but are weak to ranged attacks, because although the units are bulky they can be held at bay by infantry while archers and siege weapons vanquish them.

Lore Edit

Upon the opening of the Civil War, the Empress recognized the need for a personal guard that could escort her and protect her from traitors. Hence, the Vinyard Paladins were formed; noble warriors of justice who took inspiration from the devastating tactics of the Cataphacts of Rhun. They are a force to be feared for they are the very embodiment of the Vinyard Court's might and power.

Abilities Edit

The Hope of Men and Elves- Nearby Archers, Hoplites, Long-Blades and Vinyard Guard receive a passive boost of 25% damage

Level 5: For the Empress!- The unit greatly increases in speed for 1 minute, deals triple damage and slow down only half as much

Level 10: Might of the Vinyard Court- For 1 minute the unit cannot trample other units, but receive +100% attack damage and armor

Strategy Edit

Trivia Edit

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