The Warg Sentry is a small building which has the sole purpose of defending the base from enemies. If an enemy comes close enough, then the wargs will leave their enclosure and attack the enemy (they cannot be directly controlled).

​Level Up UpgradesEdit

No Upgrades
This building has no upgrades. This means that this building can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.


The Warg Sentry is designed to defend an area. It has 3 wargs that attack any enemy that comes close to the building (similarly to a creep Warg Lair).


As a defensive structure, despite the different appearance, the Warg Sentry should simply be thought of as another kind of arrow tower in how you place it and what purpose you intend it to serve. Warg Sentries have different stats (cost, range, damage), but overall, a defensive fortification is a defensive fortification. Choose the appropriate fortification for your needs based on how much wealth you have, and how many directions you expect to need to defend. (For example, if you don't know which side of your base the enemies are going to approach at all, you need to build more structures to cover a wider front. Buy cheaper ones with no upgrades. If you need to especially have one side of your base more guarded than the rest because you know of a particular threat coming from that direction, invest in an upgraded fortification, like an arrow tower with fire arrows or garrisoned by a battalion of archers. If you need to quickly set up fortifications to play a defensive campaign throughout your mission, start buying defensive structures as soon as possible, and continue to increase the number and quality of your defenses as you can afford them.)

Larger structures' strategies is often guided by the faction you choose to play as, but smaller structures such as Farms, Lumber Mills, and arrow towers might be more determined by your knowledge of the map you play on, what sorts of expansion options are available for you and when you expect to engage the enemy's first lines. Micro-managing the resource of small build plots more effectively than your opponent is one of the simplest paths to a decisive victory. A Warg Sentry may not seem like much, but defensive investments are always more valuable than they appear in a game of endurance to purchase more powerful units and structures with a saved up pile of resources. Even the faction noted for rush strategies more than any other, Mordor with its free Orcs, always has uses for more resources, from more endurance, from a carefully planned strategy of taking, holding, and developing ground.